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Nonprofit Organization Grant Program

  1. The City of Fishers is committed to advancing its city as a smart, vibrant, and entrepreneurial community. Nonprofit organizations add value and vibrancy to the City and positively impact the Fishers community. Therefore, Fishers wishes to contribute funds to those organizations which create a sense of place, public interaction and additional educational opportunities for Fishers residents.

    Fishers is now accepting applications for its Nonprofit GrantProgram, which will award certain proceeds to support local organizations.

    Interested organizations can complete complete this form to apply for the nonprofit grant.

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  3. Are any City employees or officials employed, contracted, or otherwise compensated by the Organization*

  4. Do you receive money from any other City of Fishers based organization (i.e. Fishers Police Foundation, Fishers Firefighters Foundation)?*

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  6. Who will manage the project or event these funds will be used for?

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