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  1. ADOPT-A-FIRE HYDRANT Agreement Application

    In the winter months heavy snowfall can bury fire hydrants, making it difficult for firefighters to locate and access them during an... More…

  2. Little Free Library Steward Agreement Application
  3. Request the Mayor's Attendance at a Meeting or Event
  1. ADOPT-A-ROAD Agreement Application
  2. Nickel Plate Trail Steward Agreement Application
  3. The City of Fishers Grievance Procedure under The Americans with Disabilities Act

    This Grievance Procedure is established to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA"). It may be used... More…

Engineering and Public Works

  1. Food Service Facility Fats, Oils and Grease Program Modification Request Form
  2. Golf Cart Street Use Application

    This application is for a neighborhood who wishes to request consideration for the approval of golf carts to be used on streets in... More…

  3. Online Golf Cart Survey

    This survey is for lot owners whose neighborhood applied for golf cart use on designated streets within their neighborhood. The... More…

  1. Food Service Facility Quarterly Report
  2. Hometown Help for Heroes

    The Hometown Help for Heroes program provides snow removal and lawn care services for eligible Fishers' families.

  3. Speed Limit Form


  1. Community Fire Academy
  2. Fire Corps Application

    This form is intended for civilian's willing to volunteer their time and effort to the Fishers Department of Fire and Emergency... More…

  3. New Business Registration/Current Business Information Update

    Register your new or relocated business with Fishers Fire and Emergency Services. This will ensure we have emergency contact... More…

  1. Field Trips & Educational Services

    Please use this form when scheduling with the Fire Department, including visits to the fire house and educational classes.

  2. Home Day Care Notification to Fire Department

    Meet your annual requirement to report your Day Care to the fire department.

Public Relations

  1. Accessibility Resources
  2. NPT Trail Connection Interest Form
  3. Take the #VolunteerFishers Pledge

    On this day of service, give back to your community by supporting the special events and non-profit organizations that contribute to... More…

  1. Nickel Plate Neighbors Email Communications
  2. Schedule a Visit to City Hall
  3. Volunteer Satisfaction Survey