Why do I need a permit?

A permit is a way of providing reasonable controls for the design, construction, use, occupancy, and maintenance of buildings, their facilities, and various components. The permit document shows that a building project is being constructed under processes for ensuring code compliance and public safety.

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1. Why do I need a permit?
2. Do I need a permit to install a gas line for a grill or fire pit?
3. Do I need a permit to extend or enlarge my driveway?
4. Do I need a permit to enclose a porch?
5. My Home Owner’s Association (HOA) is telling me that I cannot build my project. Is this true?
6. How long will it take to get my residential permit application approved?
7. How long is my permit valid after being issued?
8. Who is my inspector and what time will he be here to conduct my inspection?
9. When do I get my Certificate of Occupancy?
10. Why should my contractor pull the permit instead of me, the homeowner?
11. What method of payment can I use to pay for my permit?
12. How do I obtain a building permit?
13. How do I schedule an inspection for my new or remodel project?