What is sanitary sewer system cleaning?

Sanitary sewer cleaning is a routine operation that results in a debris and blockage free gravity sanitary sewer system. During this activity, high velocity water is sprayed against the internal pipe walls of the city’s sanitary sewer, systematically removing accumulated grease, debris, and sediments.

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1. What is sanitary sewer system cleaning?
2. Why is sanitary sewer cleaning necessary?
3. How are the sanitary sewers cleaned?
4. What can I expect when sanitary sewer cleaning is taking place in my neighborhood?
5. Why is the house or building plumbing vent important during sanitary sewer cleaning operations?
6. What causes odors in my house or building immediately after cleaning of the sanitary sewer?
7. What causes the water in my house or building toilet to bubble, burp or overflow?
8. Does the city's program of cleaning the sanitary sewer system include my house or building lateral connection?
9. How can I get more information on the city's sanitary sewer cleaning program?
10. I have a question about open lines, drains, or dumping in drains