What is a sump pump and why is it needed?
A sump pump is a device usually located in a basement or crawl space that conveys stormwater from downspouts and building foundation drains into your backyard, nearby storm sewer or retention pond. It is needed so the basement or crawl space does not flood during a storm or when the ground water table elevation is high.

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1. What is a sump pump and why is it needed?
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4. How do I see if my sump pump is connected to the sanitary sewer?
5. How does a sump pump connected to the sanitary sewer cause problems in the wastewater conveyance and treatment system?
6. Are sump pump connections to the sanitary sewer system illegal?
7. What can I do with the clear water that was going into the sanitary sewer?
8. Who can I contact for additional information?