Why is the house or building plumbing vent important during sanitary sewer cleaning operations?
The house or building plumbing vent has a number of important functions. First, it allows air in drain lines to be displaced so that water will flow down from toilets, sinks and other plumbing fixtures to the house or building main drain line and lateral connection to the city's mainline sanitary sewer. Second, it provides ventilation of the sanitary sewer helping to maintain the wastewater “fresh” and less odorous. Wastewater flowing in the sanitary sewer creates a slight pressure drop that draws air down through the vent and into the mainline sanitary sewer. Third, the vent along with the plumbing fixtures “traps” prevent odors and dangerous sewer gases from traveling from the sanitary sewer, up the house or building lateral connection and into the house or building. Fourth, the vent reliefs any pressure drop (vacuum) that may be created during sanitary sewer cleaning operations. Odors and other plumbing problems can occur if the house or building vent(s) are not properly installed and maintained. Vents can get clogged with bird or insect nests, leaves and debris in the house or building plumbing. Vents can also be installed incorrectly or in the wrong location(s).

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