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Jul 10

Fishers DPW Supports Fishers Fire Department with Critical Response Team

Posted to Fishers, Indiana on July 10, 2015 at 2:26 PM by Blog Admin

Last spring Fishers DPW launched a Critical Response Team in conjunction with Fishers Fire Department to provide assistance in emergency situations. We caught up with two DPW employees Ben Black and Nigel Raimondo and Fire Captain John Mehling during a day of cross training to better understand how the two departments are working together to be even more efficient in emergency situations.


With the help of DPW, firefighters and technicians are able to respond more quickly on the scene. Fishers DPW employees have gotten Class-A CDL licenses to drive the Fire Department’s TSU 91 truck.

“What we do is take care of this truck and all the equipment on it,” said Ben Black. “Like the torches, if they would need to cut something, we would get it up and running so that they wouldn’t have to use the manpower or take the time to get that ready.”


In addition to assisting with the fire department’s arsenal of tools, DPW is able to provide additional resources that the fire department doesn’t always have quick access to.

“We fill the void of bigger equipment they need like backhoes and stuff like that because we can drive all that plus we have access to that on the ready for whatever they need,” said Nigel Raimondo.

Captain Mehling explained that with DPW’s help getting equipment to the scene, the fire crew regains access to at least two trained firefighters or technicians that can quickly get right to work.


“They bring an expertise to the table that we don’t have,” said Captain Mehling. “It really adds to the dynamics of the team.”

Apr 03

Severe Weather Season is Here

Posted to Fishers, Indiana on April 3, 2015 at 2:06 PM by Blog Admin

April signals the beginning of tornado season throughout the US. The next three months are the most active for tornados, when more than half of the year’s twisters occur. Severe thunderstorms threatened the Plains and Midwest already this week.  

Fishers recently participated in a statewide severe weather awareness and siren test day to ensure our community’s preparedness for the upcoming severe weather season. It’s important for individuals and families to rehearse their plans for serious weather. 

severe weather icons

Fishers Fire Department reminded residents of the following tips:

  • Go to the lowest interior room of your house that has no windows. This could be a basement, crawl space, closet or bathroom as examples. Stay away from doors and windows.
  • If you are stuck outdoors, lay down and cover your head in the lowest place you can find such as a ditch or a culvert. Under a bridge is not a good location.
  • Prior to severe weather, have water, snacks, flashlight, batteries, charged phone, and medicines available to take to your safe place with you. In the event there is a loss of power, you should be prepared to survive for 48-72 hours without support.
  • Have a plan on how to communicate with loved ones if separated to assure your safety. This could be a call, social media or a meeting place.
  • Prepare to protect and care for your pets.
  • Purchase a weather alert radio. Sirens are to alert people that are outside. Otherwise monitor news outlets and a weather radio.

In severe weather emergencies, time is of the essence. To receive high-speed emergency notifications from Fishers officials, sign up for CodeRED. CodeRed allows Fishers officials to launch a phone call, send an email and send a text message to alert subscribers of important information such as severe weather alerts, public safety threats and Amber Alerts. 

Code Red logo

All businesses should register, as well as all individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, those who have changed their phone number or address within the past year and those who use a cellular phone or VoIP phone as their primary number.

CodeRED is only used in emergency situations. For general announcements and city news, be sure to sign up for Fishers Alerts.