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Dec 09

Mental Health Task Force Wraps Up 2016 Action Items

Posted on December 9, 2016 at 10:23 AM by Blog Admin

This time last year, the City’s Mental Health Task Force released its Report to the Community including recommendations and measurable goals for 2016. The Task Force identified seven recommendations surrounding education and training and two recommendations for resources and access. During a mental health summit last month, the Task Force’s work groups shared their progress towards those goals.


Phase II of the mental health initiative will include a data-driven effort to prevent mental health crises. The Task Force will continue to support existing and new objectives, under the direction of Suzanne Clifford, Senior Vice President of Integrated Primary Care Services at Community Health Network.

The initiative has gained national recognition. Just last month, Mayor Fadness and FFD Chief Orusa were invited to share the story of the Mental Health Task Force and its progress at the City of New York’s Cities Thrive mental health conference. 

cities thrive 3.jpg

A group of local clergy members also gathered monthly throughout the year to better understand the mental health challenges faced by those they serve. Together, the group agreed to focus their efforts on teenage suicide prevention. The group completed a “Teen Suicide 101” training presented by Mental Health America. The clergy members were also given an opportunity to provide Chaucie’s Place’s evidence-based youth suicide prevention program to their staff members. 

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