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Nov 10

Hometown Help for Heroes Returns this Winter

Posted on November 10, 2016 at 3:51 PM by Blog Admin

Fishers DPW plans year-round for winter weather. Meticulous preparations allow the department to consistently exceed national averages for snow clearing.

While DPW clears snow from primary roads, secondary roads, subdivision streets and cul-de-sacs, clearing snow from driveways remains the homeowner’s responsibility. This particular responsibility is one city leaders realized may be especially burdensome for some of our community’s vulnerable families, including military families with a deployed head of household.

Military Deployment.jpg

In an effort to alleviate this burden for the family of a staff member who deployed last year, Fishers DPW developed the Hometown Help for Heroes program. The program provides snow clearing services for military families with a deployed head of household during the winter months and lawn care services during the summer months.


This program marshals our community’s resources beyond what’s available through City departments and services. Local businesses have an opportunity to get involved and support Fishers DPW as they take on extra work during the busy winter season.

Fishers military families with at least one head of household currently deployed or in a branch of U.S. armed forces are encouraged to apply online at


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