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Dec 19

Fishers DPW Provides Above Average Service during Winter Weather Events

Posted on December 19, 2014 at 12:48 PM by Blog Admin

Winter is fast approaching and in the days and weeks to come, snow and ice will cover the ground.  The Farmer’s Almanac has predicted another extremely cold winter with above average snowfall. Winter weather inevitably makes traveling throughout town challenging, adding another layer of stress and anxiety to drivers.

Fishers Department of Public Works strives to provide above average service to Fishers residents. Their winter weather plan is collaborative – as they are in constant communication with other town departments like Fleet, Engineering, Police and Fire and Emergency Services – and ever-evolving. 

This year, the department is considering new trucks to better track the usage of salt and calibration of trucks to increase the staff’s efficiency. They’ll also test a new side plow which will allow its staff to clear more snow without adding additional trucks.

One hundred and fourteen staff members will operate 57 trucks 24 hours a day during winter weather events throughout the season. In addition to clearing Town roads, DPW also maintains all HSE parking lots throughout the winter, nearly 760 acres.

Fishers DPW prepares to treat roads in a painted snow plow.

While the American Public Works Association recognizes high level service as having just major thoroughfares cleared 48 hours after a snow event stops, Fishers DPW prides itself on having major thoroughfares, secondary roads and cul-de-sacs cleared within 48 hours.

When snow storms begin to roll in this winter, rest easy knowing that Fishers DPW is working around the clock to make travel safe for residents.  

DPW Snow Graphic.png

Learn more about DPW’s winter weather operations here.  


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