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Nov 06

The Story Behind Fishers’ Hometown Heroes Program

Posted on November 6, 2015 at 4:12 PM by Blog Admin

When Fishers’ leaders learned of a staff member’s upcoming deployment, they began brainstorming ways to help his family during his time away. They considered several different options, from cleaning services to weekly meal rotations.

Then, someone raised a great point. Why stop with this family? How can we work together to help other local military families?

After more brainstorming, the Hometown Heroes program emerged. Through this program, Fishers DPW will provide snow removal and lawn care services for military families with one or more heads of household deployed in service to our country.


“Our residents that serve the military sacrifice to keep our country safe, often traveling far from home,” said Mayor Scott Fadness. “Fishers DPW developed a program that marshals our community’s resources to alleviate some of the burdens that families of a deployed head of household will face.”

Just one day after the announcement, local military families have already expressed interest in the program.

The program also provides local businesses a chance to get involved and offer support to DPW as they take on extra work during the busy winter season.

“We already have two private partners eager to assist Fishers DPW in administering this program,” said DPW Director Eric Pethtel. “We all recognize the tangible hardships to the families who answer the call to serve. This is the type of program that is as rewarding to those who provide the service as much as those whom receive the services.”

Fishers military families with at least one head of household currently deployed or in a branch of U.S. armed forces are encouraged to apply online.  


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