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Oct 16

Fishers & Indianapolis Airport Authority Announce Unique Partnership

Posted on October 16, 2015 at 3:57 PM by Blog Admin

Today, the City of Fishers announced plans to partner with the Indianapolis Airport Authority to promote development opportunities on 200-300 acres of non-aviation land at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport in Fishers.

While the presence of the airport hasn’t always been seen as a selling point for Fishers, Mayor Fadness calls the local airport a unique amenity for the City.

“When we’re trying to recruit corporate headquarters here, the fact that I can tell them they can literally have a corporate plane right outside their door is something unique to Fishers,” said Mayor Scott Fadness. 

With this potential in mind, Mayor Fadness reached out to Hamilton County Commissioner, Steven Dillinger, who sits on the IAA Board, to begin discussions with the IAA leaders. 

“Under the Mayor’s leadership and our board members’ leadership, we crafted a deal that basically gives us the ability to work cooperatively to develop the land to make sure that we not only maximize the economic impact of the land and also maintain what makes Fishers Fishers, said IAA Executive Director, Mario Rodriguez. 

The City of Fishers will develop a master plan for the available land and prepare a request for proposals for developers. While the IAA board will need to approve the master plan, request for proposals and ultimately the potential projects, Fishers will have the opportunity to ensure that the projects are in alignment with the City’s vision. 

Metropolitan - Property Boundary - 3-31-15.jpg

“I’ve been in this business for about 27 years,” said Mario Rodriguez. “I don’t know of another case like this where you have a city and an airport collaborating in this fashion. This is not commonly done, and it will benefit the community at large.”  

While the City expects the developments to skew commercial, no specifics have been determined at this time. Details will be outlined in the master plan which will be developed yet this year.

“We believe there is very attractive, viable development that can occur on these 200-300 acres that can bring good-paying jobs and strong economic development to Fishers,” said Mayor Scott Fadness.  “That’s why we’re really motivated.”

A portion of the land is located along the 96th Street. As Fishers southern border, Mayor Fadness is committed to ensuring the 96th Street corridor remains a vibrant location for commerce.  There is also available land parallel to the runway along Hague Road.  Ritchey Woods Nature Preserve is also in close proximity. 

“We have an opportunity in this partnership to be sensitive to Ritchey Woods and find partners that really want to value that asset there,” said Mayor Scott Fadness.

Fishers City Council will vote to approve the memorandum of understanding that details the working relationship between the IAA and the City on Monday, Oct. 19.


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