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Dec 05

Launch Fishers Second Anniversary: A Daylong Celebration

Posted on December 5, 2014 at 1:54 PM by Blog Admin

Yesterday was the second anniversary of Launch Fishers, the co-working space where local entrepreneurs gather to develop their business ventures and network with other entrepreneurs. (You can learn all about how Launch got its start here.)

In celebration of the occasion, Launch hosted a daylong party complete with breakfast, lunch and snacks from local eateries and a brew tasting courtesy of Leinenkugels. The party featured guest speakers, games and a charity raffle with proceeds benefiting Meals on Wheels.

We stopped over to check it out and chat with John Wechsler, Launch co-founder. 

Launch Party Edit.jpg

Launch Party_listening.jpg

Launch Lunch_1.jpg

What would you count as your biggest successes over the past year?
Overall you look at the community that’s been built here and the membership base that’s now approaching four hundred members, and I think our biggest accomplishment is creating this sense of community with those that are passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation and startups in general. I think it’s a great first step on this vision of Fishers as an entrepreneurial city, and I think that’s what we all should be celebrating today.

What are you most looking forward to next year?
The opportunity to look forward to what we could become in the years ahead as we plan for a bigger and better version of what we have here today.  I get really excited when I see what the opportunities are and what the potential is for what Launch Fishers can mean for the city and the role we can play in the vision for an entrepreneurial city.

We couldn’t be more proud of Launch Fishers and the entrepreneurial activity they cultivate in town. We, too, are excited about the role Launch plays in our vision for an entrepreneurial city and we look to the years ahead with great anticipation of all that will unfold. 


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