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Jun 05

Fishers Hosts Second Mayor's Night Out

Posted on June 5, 2015 at 3:26 PM by Blog Admin

Last night we hosted our second Mayor’s Night Out event at Fishers Junior High where residents had an opportunity to meet Mayor Fadness and Fishers’ department directors, learn about current projects and ask questions.

Mayor speaking

Before taking questions from residents, Mayor Fadness highlighted the following current and upcoming projects:

  • Councilors will vote on the proposed sports complex at the June 15 council meeting
  • As part of the improvement of the intersection on Lantern Road and Commercial Drive, a traffic signal will be added.  
  • Construction on the 106th Street interchange will begin next spring; the update is expected to bring a lot of economic development to the area.
  • We’re continuing to optimize the Real Time Signal System to synchronize traffic signals throughout town. If you find yourself sitting at a light too long, provide us with details through Request Tracker so that our Engineering Department can look into it.
  • Public budget discussions will begin late this fall. The 2016 budget will be finalized in October.
  • Mayor Fadness is working with various community groups to better understand how to understand mental health in our community. Expect communications about this effort within the next few months.

Before closing the forum, Mayor Fadness reminded residents to let neighbors and friends know about the opportunity that Mayor’s Night Out provides residents to get face time with leaders.

mayor with student

Captain Mehling with Resident


“Community engagement is really important to us,” said Mayor Fadness. Spread the message that this is your opportunity to get up close and personal with city leaders.” 

Mayor's Night Out will be held quarterly in various throughout Fishers. 


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