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Feb 12

Preview: Fishers First State of the City Address

Posted on February 12, 2015 at 3:47 PM by Blog Admin

Next week, Mayor Scott Fadness will deliver his first State of the City address to an audience of residents, business owners and community stakeholders at Fishers Chamber of Commerce’s monthly luncheon.

In his address, Mayor Fadness will further the conversation about the future of Fishers and share upcoming initiatives with the community.

As Mayor Fadness expressed in his first mayoral speech at the inaugural ceremony last December, the ultimate goal we can all share moving forward is the establishment of a smart, vibrant entrepreneurial community. 


Next week, Mayor Fadness will begin to explain what a smart, vibrant entrepreneurial community looks like and engage the community to fully understand how this vision affects day-to-day life in Fishers.

In Fishers, we are blessed with highly-educated, capable and talented residents and we know that our government should be reflective of that. A smart city is one that provides local services efficiently and effectively, is planned with thoughtful purpose and intent and has an educated workforce and culture of excellence in education. In his address, Mayor Fadness will explain work both planned and already underway to further the vision of a smart community including the development of a citywide comprehensive plan and the HSE Funding Formula initiative

In order to foster a vibrant community, we must not focus only on areas of growth, but maintain the integrity of all neighborhoods. The State of the City will outline revitalization efforts both in commercial corridors and residential neighborhoods. Our efforts to be a vibrant community also include cultivating a sense of community. Next week, Mayor Fadness will explain how our Parks Department is working to develop more community wide events, many of which will surely take place at the gathering place for residents, The Nickel Plate District Amphitheater. 


We know that entrepreneurs drive economies. Through our unique partnership with Launch Fishers, which now boasts over 400 members, we are committed to helping grow and develop local entrepreneurs and their business enterprises. Already, entrepreneurs nationwide are taking notice of the budding entrepreneurial culture here in Fishers;  LA based entrepreneur Anderson Schoenrock will soon move his consumer brands business to Fishers to be a part of it.  This year, we’re excited to continue to offer our support to Launch Fishers, knowing that the activity therein is critical to our overall economic ecosystem. In the State of the City address, Mayor Fadness will discuss the many ways we’re working to truly become that entrepreneurial city that he’s envisioned.

Registration is available for the luncheon at A live stream will be available for viewing during the event and archived at Residents can also follow along on Twitter by following @FishersIN. All tweets about the State of the City will be tagged #FishersSOTC15. 


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