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Bid Title: Fishers Community Art Project – Request for Proposals
Category: Community Development
Status: Closed


Fishers Community Art Project – Request for Proposals

March 22, 2016


The City of Fishers and Fishers Urban Development are seeking qualified artists to create design concepts which reflect the City’s vision of a smart, entrepreneurial, vibrant community.  The concepts should convey the spirit of the artwork they would evolve into.  They would be showcased on the east side of the parking structure, known as the Edge development which serves as a gateway to the City’s the City’s downtown area, Nickel Plate District.

The artwork would be displayed on a series of 7 panels which will each be approximately 23 feet tall and 7 feet wide.  Artists are invited to submit up to three sets of design concepts for this public art project.


The submissions are due at City Hall to the Community Development Department (2nd Floor) and must be stamped no later than noon EST on Thursday, May 5, 2016. 


The budget allocated to this portion of the project is a maximum of $30,000.  It is intended to cover the costs associated with the development of the artists’ creative work and the cost of the artist traveling to Fishers to attend the unveiling.  Th reproduction of the artwork to the banners and the actual installation will be managed by the City and Fishers Urban Development via a separate budget process. 


The City of Fishers is a rapidly growing community of 90,000 which is located in central Indiana.  It is known as a great place to grow a business and raise a family.  As the community matures, there is an increasing desire to use public art as a mechanism to define spaces and integrate them in terms of the broader context within which they exist. 

The City is currently articulating the details of its vision for Fishers which is to create a community that is smart, vibrant and entrepreneurial. The design concepts should embrace the spirit of this vision. In addition to the high volume of pedestrian and cyclist traffic, 32,000 vehicles pass by the site daily.


This photo shows the front of “The Edge.”  It is a mixed use building which wraps around the parking structure.  It is home to 20,000 SF of retail space on the ground level and 40,000 SF of office space on the second and third floor.  The Edge is situated on a prominent corner which acts a gateway into Fishers from the interstate.  It boasts bold, contemporary architecture which embraces a host of building materials ranging from classic Indiana limestone, to brick, glass and metal.

Edge side view 

This photo shows the visibility of the parking structure from the bridge over the interstate.  The artwork will be an iconic, landmark piece welcoming all to Fishers. It is noteworthy that only a portion of the façade is visible from this perspective.  Design concepts should be sure to activate these portions of the banners so the impact of this visual can be optimized

The Nickel Plate District has experienced robust development in recent years.  This growth includes mixed- use developments, offices, residential units, restaurants and retail uses.  City Hall is centrally located within the District and it is flanked by an amphitheater which hosts concerts and cultural events year round.  

Central Green

A welcoming community green is situated in front of City Hall.  It encourages social interaction, relaxation and recreation. The area is highly walkable, encourages diverse, innovative architecture and projects a vibrant urban vibe. These elements should be celebrated in this public art project. 

This link provides additional information and multiple visuals of the Nickel Plate District.  The District is the geographic area where the parking structure is located.

The End Product

The intent is of this public art project is to invite people to explore the area, to define the space, to encourage community engagement and to nurture a strong sense of place.

The banners will be showcased on the façade of the parking structure shown in the following photo.  They will be approximately 23 feet tall and 7 feet wide.  A banner will hang from the top of the building to the bottom of the second floor.  Exact dimensions for each banner will be confirmed prior to the final artwork being designed.

Banner View

Nine banners will be hung, one in between each of the 9 columns shown.    Two of those will be provided by the City and will be used by Fishers to promote specific events.  The other 7 banners in the center will comprise the art installation.

Each set of banners will provide a visual boost to the area. In order to optimize the impact of the banners, they will be changed from time to time.  The intent is to commission 3 sets of 7 panels worth of art work.  Artists are invited to submit one, two or three design concepts for the type of art that is envisioned for each display set.

The panels can work together to present a single image or each panel may be an individual work.  The artist is free to determine which approach conveys their vision best.

Selection Criteria

The following criteria will be used to evaluate the proposed design concepts and the artists’ qualifications.

  • Technical Ability – The artists’ work indicates skill with materials and techniques similar to those that would be required for the project.
  • Feasibility – The concept is appropriate to the location and can be delivered within the desired timeframe.
  • Artistic Quality – The artists’ submission displays a record of appropriate, yet innovative concepts.
  • Technical Ability – Artist’s submission indicates skill with materials and techniques similar to those that would be required for this project.
  • Spirit – The design concept celebrates the smart, vibrant, entrepreneurial personality of the Nickel Plate District.
  • Process – The artist demonstrates the ability to establish and maintain a pleasant working relationship with the Committee, staff and the company selected to install the banners.

Selection Process

The City of Fishers has a Community Art Master Plan which articulates a process for the selection of public art projects.  This project will follow the process as outlined in that document. A link to the Fishers Community Arts Master Plan is included for your reference.

The master plan outlines the membership of the selection committee which will consists of experts in their respective fields.  It is comprised of artists, art advocates, the property owner, and a representative from city council, Fishers Arts Council, Nickel Plate Arts and city staff.

The Selection Committee will review the qualifications and the design concepts and select a few finalists. The finalists will be invited to meet with the committee (in person or virtually) to discuss their concepts and explore how to incorporate the Committee’s input into a final design.

The Selection Committee will select three preferred design concepts they would like to potentially have developed into a set of banners.  Once identified, the artist will work with the Committee to design, refine and finalize the artwork.

The committee reserves the right to cancel the opportunity, as the best interest of the project May dictates.

Required Materials:

Artists are asked to submit the following information on a flash drive labelled with” their name/ The Edge Project”, plus one paper poster (24 by 36 inch) for each set of design concepts presented.  These must be high resolution images.

Previous Work Sample Images

  • Images must be digital in JPEG format. Minimum size of 3 by 5 inches and minimum resolution of 150 dpi.  Do not submit your images embedded in the document.
  • Submit images of artwork that best represent your experience, style and ability as they apply to this project.
  • You may submit images of any other work (large scale) that best represent your style over the past five years.
  • Name your submitted digital files according to the following format:FirstLast_01.jpg, FirstLast_02.jpg, etc. (Example: Jane Smith_01.jpg)
  • If some images are alternate views or details of the same artwork, number and submit them sequentially with the overall view first, followed by the alternate view and then detailed images.

Previous Work Sample List

  • The work sample list should provide as much information about each of the artworks as possible.  Include at minimum (in this order) the name/title of the piece, client if applicable, location, medium, dimensions, year completed, budget and a description of the concept.
  • Organize the list numerically according to the names of the images, starting with the one you identified as 01.
  • Make sure your name and contact information appears at the top of the list.

Design Concepts

  • Up to 3 design concepts for each set of 7 banners.
  • An explanation of how the concepts address the selection criteria.
  • One copy of a paper poster (24 by 36) which displays each set of design concepts separately.
  • Proposed budget and timeline.


Week of March 21           - Release the RFQ

May 5                                    - Submittals due at Noon EST

Week of May 16               - Selection Committee reviews the submittals

Week of May 23               - Finalists present qualifications & design concepts to the Committee

Week of May 30               - Notification of selection

June - July                           - Design phase

Mid - August                      - Selection committee reviews the end product

Late August                        - Production of banners &installation completed

September                         - Unveiling with Artist in Attendance (Tied to some event in the Nickel Plate      District)  

Print a copy of the RFP, here

View the project PowerPoint here.

View a Q&A for the project here.

Publication Date/Time:
3/22/2016 12:00 AM
Closing Date/Time:
5/5/2016 12:00 PM
The City of Fishers is hosting a short question and answer panel on Wednesday, April 27 from 7 yo 8 p.m. in the City Hall Administration Conference Room for any artists with questions about the RFP. A representative from Fishers Arts Council will also be present during the event. Any questions in the interim should be directed to me at or at 317-595-3484.

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