Stormwater Utility Bill

The City of Fishers' stormwater utility is a rate charge for water quality, drainage and storm sewer maintenance related services across the city associated with stormwater drainage across and adjacent to a homeowners' parcel. The utility was established in 2007 with the first billing in 2008 in response to unfunded state and federal mandates for water quality. 

How to Pay Your Bill

  • Credit card payment ($2.50 or 3% convenience fee applies depending on payment amount) or cash payment in person at City Services Building (Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., excluding holidays)
  • Check payment sent to Fishers Stormwater Utility, PO Box 2365, Indianapolis, IN 46206-2365 (no fee applies)
  • Pay online ($1.95 fee for payments up to $125)

The stormwater utility assessment pays for the following services:

  • Storm sewer maintenance and upgrades
  • Drainage and flood control projects
  • Street sweeping
  • Water quality improvement projects
  • Waterway clean-up efforts
  • Community recycling days
  • National Flood Insurance Program management

Please note, this bill is different than your sanitary sewer bill (from the City or HSE Utilities) and the drainage assessment received from the Hamilton County Surveyor's Office.

If you have questions on this bill, please call 317-595-3140 or email the Controller's Office.