Proposed Capital Improvements Projects

Proposed Wastewater Rate Increase

The City of Fishers has experienced tremendous growth leading to new commercial and residential connections to the city's wastewater system. Yet, despite rapid growth, the system's capacity has not been increased. While improvements have been made over the last several years, they have largely focused on maintenance, rather than increasing capacity due to limits in the wastewater utility fund. As demand continues to increase, capacity must also be increased to avoid costly system failures.

Proposed Projects

The Fishers Department of Public Works Wastewater Utility has identified the following capital improvement projects to increase the capacity to conveyor wastewater to the Cheeney Creek wastewater treatment plant, meet new regulatory requirements and improve operational efficiency:

  • The 106th Street Force Main project will provide a new 15,000 foot 30 to 36 inch diameter force main from near I-69 and Crosspoints to the Cheeney Creek wastewater treatment plant. Road and drainage improvements are included in this project.
  • The Phosphorus Treatment project will provide new chemical storage and feed facilities at the Cheeney Creek wastewater treatment plant designed to achieve the new state and federal discharge limitations for phosphorus.
  • The Sewer Maintenance garage and office project will provide all-weather operations for the sewer maintenance fleet.

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