Board of Public Works & Safety


  • Thomas A. Weaver Municipal Complex (unless otherwise noted)
    City Services Building, City Courtroom
    3 Municipal Drive
    Fishers, IN 46038

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Livestream & Recorded Meetings

Public Works & Safety Board meetings are live-streamed for residents to tune in at home. Recorded videos are available 24 to 48 hours following the meeting on the City of Fishers’ YouTube channel. Questions can be directed to City Hall at 317-595-3111.

Board of Public Works and Safety meetings are subject to change based on board availability. For the most up-to-date information, please refer to the agenda center page with meeting dates and agendas.

5G Cell Tower Deployment

The City was recently informed that Verizon will be pulling all residential permit applications from all upcoming Board of Public Works and Safety meetings. This withdrawal will be in effect indefinitely. Verizon will not proceed with structure approvals in neighborhoods until next year. This date has not been determined. The application status is applicable for all active permits (pending approval or tabled). 

Verizon has cited its desire to concentrate on its fiber build-out as the primary reason for halting its pursuit of residential permits in Fishers. As a neighborhood which has begun the process of meeting or discussing 5G tower placements with the City, we are notifying you to share the following:

  • All tabled or pending applications and permits are now considered withdrawn. If your neighborhood was scheduled at an upcoming Board of Works meeting, these agenda items have now been removed. 
  • Tabled or pending applications and permits will likely be submitted again at a later date. At that time, the City intends to restart the permit process from the beginning, meaning you will have another opportunity to review placements and discuss locations with Verizon Wireless and City of Fishers.
  • This does not mean 5G implementation has stopped in the city. Several 5G towers, located in public right of way outside of neighborhoods, will undergo permitting and construction into 2021.  Additionally, approved residential permits may be constructed within neighborhoods in 2021.
  • Verizon Wireless has shared that it intends to re-launch its implementation of 5G in Fishers neighborhoods mid-2021.

We will continue to keep you updated on this evolving project. The City will notify you when the structures in your neighborhood are being considered for approval. This may or may not restart the review process, meaning we may need to meet with HOAs and property management teams on structure placements again.

Find more info and FAQ’s about 5G Cell Tower Deployment in Fishers. If you have questions, please email us or contact Makenzie Poole at 317-595-3151.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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  • Mayor Scott Fadness
  • Jeff Lantz
  • Jason Meyer


The Public Works and Safety Board Pursuant to IC 36-4-9-6, is comprised of three (3) members appointed by the Mayor. A member may hold other appointive positions in city government during the member’s tenure. IC 36-4-11-2 applies to board member appointments under this section. The Mayor shall appoint a clerk for the board. Members of the Board must reside within the municipal boundaries of the City of Fishers.

Responsibilities, duties, powers and procedures of the Public Works and Safety Board shall be as set forth in IC 36-9-6-6 - Public ways and sidewalks; laying out, opening, and changing; grades

  1. The works board may lay out, open, change, and fix or change the grade of any public way, sidewalk, or public place in the city.
  2. The works board may keep a record of the grades of all public ways and sidewalks in the city.

Pursuant to Ind. Code § 36-8-3-2, the Public Works and Safety Board has exclusive control over all property relating to the following:

  1. Police department
  2. Fire department, fire alarms, and fire escapes
  3. Animal shelters
  4. Inspection of buildings

The Public Works and Safety Board may purchase the equipment and supplies and make the repairs needed by the Police and Fire Departments.