The Investigations Division consists of three sections, Criminal Investigations, the Intelligence Unit, and the Forensic Services Unit. The primary function of the Investigations Division is to provide investigative and specialized services to the City of Fishers.

The Criminal Investigations section is comprised of a lieutenant, a sergeant, and six detectives. The primary role is to investigate complex criminal cases and incidents that are reported by citizens or generated through other channels. All detectives receive specialized training in investigative techniques, interviewing, case management, and other related fields to ensure that optimal services are provided for the community.

The Intelligence Unit is staffed with a lieutenant and three intelligence analysts. The Intelligence Unit gathers, collates, analyzes, and disseminates information for all divisions of the agency as well as other law enforcement partners. The unit provides tactical and strategic intelligence on the existence, identities, and capabilities of criminal suspects or groups as well as crime trends and threat assessments for the City of Fishers.

The Forensic Services Unit (FSU) reports to the Intelligence Unit lieutenant and consists of a sergeant, a detective, and a property manager. The FSU is responsible for all property room functions, crime scene and evidence processing, and forensic requests to ensure that evidence is correctly managed throughout the duration of the case investigation. The FSU also supervises and trains shift evidence technicians who are assigned to the Patrol Division but have received specialized training in crime scene processing techniques.