About the Fire Department

The Fishers Community Volunteer Fire Department was founded in 1955. The Fishers Fire Department is now municipally owned and operated. It provides service to the citizens of Fishers and, through contractual agreements, Delaware and Fall Creek Townships. Funds are provided through these contracts along with property tax revenue, EMS user fees, and supplemental donations.


The department currently has 134 full-time personnel. Administrative staff is made up of the chief, deputy chief, four division chiefs, fire marshal, one captain, and one lieutenant. Four civilian office staff complement the chief and his divisions by assisting with record-keeping, billing, code enforcement, and other administrative functions.

Fire Department Staff

There are seven stations that are covered by three shifts, each operating for 24 hours at a time. Each shift consists of a battalion chief, captain, lieutenants, and Firefighters with EMT or Paramedic training. Each category of personnel has a minimum training requirement based on the Indiana Firefighter Certification Program and the National Fire Protection Agency Professional Standards. To properly serve our citizens it is essential we remain proactive and have the foresight to plan and build as needed.