Driving While Suspended Tickets

Driving While Suspended Infractions

If you are charged with a driving while suspended or no proof of insurance infraction, you must appear in court. Even if you are able to resolve your reason for suspension, you are still required to appear on your initial hearing date. The initial hearing date can be located at the bottom of your ticket. You should bring any paperwork/documents regarding your license and driving record with you to court.

You are strongly encouraged to resolve your suspension and bring a valid driver's license and proof of insurance and financial responsibility to your court appearance. Written documentation is required for court. 

A failure to appear for your driving while suspended infraction may result in a license suspension certified to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the judge may issue a default judgment.

If you are unable to make your initial hearing date but would like to reschedule your initial hearing, please contact the court before your original initial hearing court date.

Questions? Please contact the court at 317-595-3130.