Teacher Innovation Grant Program

Empowering HSE School District Educators with the Resources to Fuel Innovation in the classroom.


In the 2024 Budget, the City of Fishers proposed $500,000 be allocated to a grant program for educators within the HSE School District, to bring innovative learning to the classroom.

Why Innovation Grants?

The allocated funds intend to empower educators with the resources to advance subject matter expertise within academic disciplines and broaden the standard approach to classroom learning, to inspire students and enhance curriculum.

Eligible Projects May Include:

  • Professional Development + Externships
  • Technologies to Improve or Expand Curriculum
  • Project-Based Learning Opportunities

*Projects will be selected by a committee on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Stay Tuned for More Info

Grants will go live in January 2024. Check back in November for more information on grant details and guidelines.