Gray Eagle Development

Gray Eagle Clubhouse

The Site Plan above was presented at the September 7, 2023 Plan Commission public hearing and September 18, 2023 City Council Meeting.

At these meetings the following items were provided on behalf of R. N. Thompson Development Corp:

  • New Building & Restaurant – An Illustrative Architectural Exhibit for the new building is below. These elevations were approved by the the September 7, 2022 PUD Committee Meeting. The new building will feature 1st and 2nd story hitting days and restaurant and bar. 
  • Barrier Netting System - The barrier netting system would be allowed as an accessory structure to support the new golf club. The maximum height permitted would be 160 feet and includes large nets and support poles. 
  • Lighting - An Illustrative Lighting Exhibit has been included in the text amendment which shows a maximum light level of 0.2 foot -candles at the property line of the adjacent residential properties (UDO allows for 0.5 foot-candles)

City Council approved the text Amendment to the Sandstone / Gray Eagle PUD 9 - 0. The Ordinance can be located here.


  • Construction should begin in Fall 2023 on the golf course modifications and new building and resturant. 
  • No timeline is provided for the residental portion that is to be developed by J.C. Hart Company of the above site plan.
Gray Eagle Clubhouse - 1
Gray Eagle Clubhouse - 2
Gray Eagle CLubhouse - 3