High School State Championship Recognition Program

High School Champion Banner
High School Champion Banner

The City of Fishers High School State Championship Recognition Program

Program Overview

The City of Fishers strives to celebrate the extracurricular accomplishments of its students, staff, administrators, and schools through public recognition of extraordinary accomplishments to build civic pride and inspire future generations of champions. 

Who: Any City of Fishers high school team or individual that wins a championship at the State level. 

Those recognized in this program shall: 

  • Be a registered and recognized member of the team or club at a high school based in Fishers, Ind. 
  • Be an individual or a member of a team or club that wins a State Championship as recognized by IHSAA or equivalent academic organization. 
  • Complete the required forms providing final championship roster, photo(s) of the student(s), and parent/guardian permission. 

What: Light Pole Banners with team member(s)’ photo, name, school, and championship. If a team member wishes to have their banner only include text, this request shall be honored. Banners measure 24” x 30” in size. Banners will be displayed in alphabetical order by team member last name. 

Where: Generally, the banners will be located along Central Green in front of City Hall located at 1 Municipal Drive. There is a maximum of fifty banners reserved for this program. If the city receives over fifty individuals at one time, the City will contact the submitting team contact to discuss alternative options. 

When: Once submissions have been completed for the State Champions/team members, the City will begin processing the request. Installation of the light pole banners are dependent upon workload and design factors. Communication about timeline will be shared with the listed school/team point of contact listed on the notification form. 

Light pole banners will remain in place for approximately four weeks. The placement duration may be altered based on various factors and will be communicated to team members and/or individuals featured. 

How: Team officials shall complete the City of Fishers High School State Championship Recognition Program notification form upon receiving the State Championship. The form will request a complete roster and photos of the State Championship team including all team members, managers, and staff. Parent permission must be received for any team member under the age of 18. 

Banner Plan Following Display: After the banners are removed and are done being displayed, they can be delivered to the school if desired to be handed out to the team members to keep as a souvenir or for the school to retain or display as they desire.

The City of Fishers plans to invite State Champion team members to be recognized at a City Council meeting which would also allow an opportunity for the team members and their families and friends to have a photo opportunity at their pole banner while on display.

Please contact Molly Connolly, Director of Employee and Customer Success for the City of Fishers at: connollym@fishers.in.us or 317-595-3126.

School Notification Form (to be completed by a school official upon a state championship win to notify city officials and start the process): please click here.

Parent/Guardian Permission Form (required for any team member under the age of 18): please click here.