Northeast Commerce Park Town Hall

Property owners in the Northeast Commerce Park were invited to attend a virtual town hall on May 16, 2023 to learn about updates to zoning in their area. The recorded video is below:

Zoning Map

What does this mean for your property?

The Nickel Plate District Code was adopted by City Council in 2014 and is the guiding land use document for downtown. The City of Fishers is proposing to rezone the Northeast Commerce Park PUD (Ordinance No. 052118K) to a new zoning district called TC – Technology Center. This new zoning district would join the four other downtown zoning districts and would continue to provide a mixture of employment uses including office, research and development, co-working, high-tech industries and components of light and flex industrial uses. The Proposed Code can be found here.

All existing uses would continue to be allowed. Any uses that are nonconforming would be subject to the following under the Unified Development Ordinance Article 2.3:

A. A legal nonconforming building or structure may continue if it remains the same or fits within the below described tolerances:

1. Any legal nonconforming building or structure shall not be enlarged or altered in a manner that the enlargement or alteration increases its nonconformity, but the building or structure, or portion thereof, may be altered to maintain or decrease its nonconformity.

2. Any legal nonconforming building or structure which is damaged or destroyed by more than 50% of its fair market value shall thereafter conform to the regulations of the zoning district in which it is located.

B. If a building or structure is moved for any reason, at any distance, it shall thereafter conform to the provisions of the UDO.