2023 Cul-de-sac Drills

Fishers Fire Department is excited to return to the cul-de-sacs, for a second season of neighborhoods meeting firefighters one on one. “Creating a relationship between the community and the fire firefighters that protect them, builds trust, encourages behavioral change for safety, and gives confidence and comfort in knowing personally," says Fire Chief Orusa.

Firefighters will pull out hose, spray water, and give little and big kids alike an opportunity to handle the hose line or just run through the spray. Our goal is to build relationships within the neighborhoods, in a non-emergent situation, where kids can discover they too can grow up to be firefighters. Firefighters will share personal stories about what it’s like to do this job and provide education on how most fires (not all) can be prevented with a little action that starts at home. This event is intended to support neighbors meeting neighbors and getting to know the fire station and its staff in your neighborhood who are ready to protect you and your family.

Please join us in a neighborhood near you.

Scheduled Sessions:

06/02/23 Harvard Park: Hanover Ct/Fordham Way

06/02/23 Silverton: Bonner Circle (East side)

06/03/23 Weaver Woods North: Samoa St.

06/05/23 Quaker Ridge: Pine Valley Ct

06/09/23 Cherry Hill: Cherry hill Ct and Cherry Blossom Dr

06/09/23 Ambria: Timeberwood Lane and Fieldcrest Drive

06/10/23 Woodberry: Country Apple Ct.

06/10/23 Sandstone Lakes: Ledgestone Cir/ Cobblestone Dr

06/12/23 Fox Run: Fox Creek Lane

06/14/23 Boulders: Fantina Lane and Bassette Ridge

06/16/23 Eller Trails: Bristlecone Dr and Moss Wood Dr

06/16/23 Avalon of Fishers: Knightsway (South side)

06/17/23 Fishers Farm: Frontier St.

06/17/23 Brookston Place: Cresida Way/ Aldenham Blvd

06/19/23 Windermere: Woodmont Lane

06/20/23 Winding Creek Woods: Winding Creek Ln

06/21/23 Harrison Green: Wabash Dr

06/22/23 Burberry Place: Berkely Circle

06/24/23 Royalwood: Palisades Ct/ Moate Drive

06/28/23 Vermillion: Wheatley Court and Kensington lane

06/30/23 South Avalon: Bellingham & Woverton

07/07/23 Thorpe Creek: Bustic Ridge Ct.

07/08/23 Plantana: Dearborn Cir.

07/08/23 The Hawthorne: Talnuck Cir/ Great Blue Trace

07/10/23 Heritage Green: Ashbury Cir

07/10/23 Metropolitan Apts: Falling Brook Dr and Eller Rd

07/14/23 Hunters Run: Bellevue Circle

07/14/23 Flat Fork: Deepwood Court and Portage Trail Lane

07/15/23 Anderson Hall: Helios Cir.

07/15/23 Gray Eagle: Tavernier Dr/ Elgin Ct

07/17/23 Covington: Tudor Ct

07/17/23 The Pines: River Oak Ln &Pineridge North Dr

07/18/23 Conner Knoll: Knollwood Pl

07/19/23 Sunblest Farms: Tanner Drive

07/20/23 Berkley Ridge: Blackhorn Ct

07/21/23 Canal Place: Kemp Court and Waterway Blvd

07/22/23 Sedona / Canyon Ridge: Van Buren Pl.

07/22/23 The Bristols: Jaguars Dr/ Vikings Lane

07/24/23 Northfiled Esates: Sheffield Ct and northfield Pl

07/24/23 Whelchel Springs: Latana and Nettle Ln

07/26/23 Oakhurst: Cloverbank Drive and Oakhurst Lane

07/27/23 Bradford Knoll: Brothers Ct.

08/03/23 Tremont: Preston Ct.

08/04/23 Sunblest Farms: Ashton Lane

08/04/23 Intercostal at Geist: Keel Road and Newbury Port Drive

08/05/23 Pleasant View: Raven Ct.

08/07/23 Spyglass Falls: Kingston Ct

08/08/23 Spyglass Hills: Mainsail Ct.

08/11/23 Heritage Meadows: Legacy Ct

08/11/23 River Highlands: Highlands Pl and River Highlands Dr

08/12/23 Britton Ridge: Ramsgate Ct.

08/12/23 Brooks Chase: Star Drive/ 131st Street

08/14/23 Avalon of Fishers: Avalon Blvd & Ely Rd

08/16/23 Bridger Pines: Gaylen Court and Gallatin Way

08/18/23 Sunblest Farms: Rush Ct.

08/18/23 Berkley Ridge: Tarragon Ct and Willow ridge

08/19/23 Somerset: Saltford Cir. (South)

08/19/23 Walrond Estate: Walrond Rd in the cul de sac

08/20/23 Hawks Landing: Hawk’s Nest Dr/ Hawks Landing Dr

08/21/23 Turnberry: Fernie Circle

08/25/23 Fawnsbrook Woods: Fawns run and Fawns brook Dr

08/26/23 Springs of Cambridge: Golden Ridge Lane and Springstone Road

08/28/23 Silverton: Betton Place


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