Allisonville Road Corridor Study

About the Study

In summer 2022, Mayor Scott Fadness established the Allisonville Road Steering Committee to work alongside HWC Engineering to conduct a study to examine the commercial center of the Allisonville Road corridor between 106th and 126th Streets. The limits of the corridor are anchored by existing greenspace and recreational areas, including the White River to the west, Conner Prairie to the north, and the future 125-acre White River Park to the south. However, the commercial center of the corridor—one of the city’s original retail centers—is aging, and the committee was charged with creating a plan to ensure that this area remains a vibrant destination for business and leisure for years to come. 

In March 2023, the City of Fishers announced the findings from the Allisonville Road Corridor Study and its plan for revitalizing the heavily traveled corridor in west Fishers. The resulting plan includes a focus on:

  • Greening the corridor
  • Road and walkability improvements
  • Enhanced connectivity
  • Collaboration with local business partners to infuse vibrancy in the area

As part of the plan, Kroger will relocate from the west side of Allisonville Road near the 116th Street intersection to build a new, expanded store on the east side of Allisonville Road. The new 120,000 square foot store on the east side of Allisonville Road will include features such as an expanded assortment of “fresher than fresh” foods, expanded Kroger Pickup, wider aisles, Starbucks, even fresh, store-made popcorn. 

View the Allisonville Road Corridor Study.

Trails & Greenways & Fishers White River Park Surveys

Residents and community stakeholders can submit their feedback for the Fishers White River Park survey at and the Trails & Greenways survey at through July 31.and at public events throughout summer.  

Upcoming Projects

Kroger & Kroger Fueling Station

Kroger and the Kroger Fueling Station will relocate from the west side of Allisonville Road near the 116th Street intersection to build a new, expanded store on the east side of Allisonville Road. An informational meeting was held on Wednesday, May 17, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. for neighbors to learn more about the proposed development. Click here to view the recording. Passcode: $#6Yd0RL

New Median Designs

One focus of the new plan is boosting greenspace and enhancing the streetscape to achieve vibrancy and improved care for the corridor. The City is in the early stages of these improvements, but new median designs and beautification efforts by the Department of Public Works are already improving the vibrancy of this area. 

dpw planting plants

96th Street Roundabout 

Road improvements and enhanced connectivity are another focus of the new plan. In spring 2023, the City will begin the reconstruction of the existing Michigan Left intersection at 96th Street and Allisonville Road to become a two-lane roundabout adjacent to the new River Place development The roundabout is anticipated to be completed by the end of the year.

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96 allisonville Exhibit

116th Street Roundabout

In spring 2024, the City will begin construction on another two-lane roundabout at the intersection of 116th Street and Allisonville Road, further improving the flow of traffic and aesthetics of the area.

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roundabout rendering

River Place

Redevelopment and business partnerships with local businesses are identified as key priorities in the new plan. In March 2023, CRG Residential and the City of Fishers broke ground on River Place—a $135 million mixed-use project at the northwest corner of 96th Street and Allisonville Road. The project includes a luxury apartment community, for-sale townhomes, and commercial retail space situated next to the future White River Park. 

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White River Park

Set to open in 2025, White River Park is a 125-acre park adjacent to the White River and located at the intersection of 96th Street and Allisonville Road. The park will provide new greenspace and recreational opportunities on the southwestern edge of our community.

The City of Fishers is seeking public input on the new Fishers White River Park and plans to develop a better-connected network of trails and greenways throughout Fishers. 

Take the Survey

Residents and community stakeholders can submit their feedback for the Fishers White River Park survey at through July 31.and at public events throughout summer.  

white river park

Get to Know the Corridor

Meet some of the local businesses contributing to the vibrancy of the Allisonville Road Corridor.


MashCraft Fishers

Allisonville Home & Garden by Sullivan

About the Steering Committee

Comprised of corridor residents, local business owners, community leaders, and City staff, the Steering Committee engaged the community to prioritize key areas of concern and potential improvements for the area. 

Committee members included:

  • Corby Thompson, Co-Chair
  • Joe Eaton, Co-Chair
  • Selina Stoller, Fishers City Council
  • David Giffel, Fishers City Council
  • Ed Sahm, Sahms Restaurants 
  • Kelly Marburger Novak, EF Marburger Fine Flooring
  • Pat Sullivan, Allisonville Home & Garden by Sullivan 
  • Mike Colby, River Glen Neighborhood Representative
  • Brad Rochford, River Highlands Neighborhood Representative
  • Jim Trueblood, Trueblood Real Estate
  • Drew Bender, VS Engineering
  • Allen Bourff, Retired Superintendent at HSE
  • Stephanie Perry, Resident 
  • Marissa Deckert, Resident

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Keep Fishers Beautiful Day of Service — Allisonville Corridor Tree Planting

As part of 2023 Hamilton County Bicentennial yearlong celebration and thanks to a generous donation from Duke Energy Foundation we are proud to partner and provide 200 quality and native street trees to continue the process of greening the Allisonville Corridor.

On Thursday, November 2, 2023 and Saturday, November 4, 2023 the City of Fishers will hold a tree planting volunteer event for residents and families as part of a Keep Fishers Beautiful Day of Service. Our experienced Department of Public Works will coordinate with Indiana 811 and pre-dig holes allowing for our volunteers to plant the trees. The city will stake and provide water bags for all new trees to provide a solid foundation for these new trees. All participating businesses will be promoted in this initiative, and we would encourage your business to sign up and volunteer for the day of service.

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