Training Department

2020 was a challenging year in many aspects, and our training was not isolated from the effects of the pandemic. However, we continued our dedication to providing challenging and effective training to our Officers founded in national best practices.  

We continued our monthly training program although some training events were rescheduled or migrated to a virtual format. In addition to our internally developed training program, Officers attended outside training relevant to their duties in subjects that included proactive criminal interdiction, active shooter, emergency preparedness and response, trauma management, and Officer wellness.  

Fishers Police Department officers learning in classroom
Fishers Police Department officers standing at firing range

The Fishers Police Department maintained its commitment to ensuring Officers received additional training well beyond the State mandated required 24 hours. This is demonstrated by Fishers Police Officers averaging over 98 hours of training in 2020 (almost four times the State requirement) and a department total of over 11,470 hours (equivalent to over 1,467 workdays).  

Three Officers completed instructor development training and will begin adding their experience to the Department’s training program. One Officer completed an advanced instructor program for emergency vehicle operations.  

Two Officers graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy in 2020 and completed the Field Training Officer program and another two Officers completed the Field Training Program after transferring from other Indiana law enforcement agencies.  

Several Officers attended nationally recognized leadership and decision-making training and we developed a training and leadership program for new supervisors which was successfully conducted this year for six new supervisors.  

In 2021, we will continue our pursuit of rigorous, challenging training from top-tier institutions with foundations in best practices.

2020 Training Numbers

Division Average Training Hours Completed
Administration 66 hours
Patrol 107 hours
Investigations 106 hours
Support & School Resource Officers 66 hours
Fishers Police Department officers standing during training session