Stormwater Utility

City of Fishers New Stormwater & Sewer Billing Account Numbers 

Pay Your Stormwater Bill

Pay your stormwater bill online. Payments are administered by Invoice Cloud. Convenience fees apply and are non-refundable. Fishers sewer utility does not take HSE Utility payments. Learn more about your stormwater bill

Due to the credit card processing limit with our system, each payment has a $125 limit. If you are paying a sewer or stormwater bill online or over the phone that exceeds $125, you must complete multiple transactions until your balance is paid. Please note that each transaction will be charged the associated processing fee ($1.95 online and $2.50 over the phone).

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Tutorial for Setting up NEW Autopay & Bill Pay Tips

The City of Fishers has changed billing systems for 2020 which means each resident will receive a NEW Stormwater account number and a NEW Sewer account number (if they are a City of Fishers sewer customer).  

  • If you receive an invoice that shows your last payment isn’t reflected, please disregard if you know you’ve paid this, as it will take a few billing cycles for the new system to get all records caught up. If subsequent invoices continue to look incorrect, please call 317-595-3140. Simply pay the current balance to stay up-to-date, please.
  • If you pay your sewer/stormwater through invoice cloud, invoice cloud will map your old account number to your new one and you can make payments normally.  If you are setup to auto-pay through invoice cloud, no action is needed on your part.
  • If you currently pay your Stormwater invoice using your personal bank, you’ll need to change your account number with the bank ASAP to ensure your payment is applied to your new account. The same is true for your Sewer invoice.
  • It’s best to delete this autopay set up all together at the bank and then create a new autopay to ensure the new account number is in place.
  • If possible, it’s best to enter manually each month using the unique bill number that changes monthly.
  • If you pay your Stormwater invoice using a personal check mailed to the PO box, you’ll want to list your bill number. The same is true for your Sewer invoice
  • If you wish to set up auto pay and haven’t already, please use your new account number for both Stormwater and Sewer.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this flat-rate residential annual invoice for all property owners in the City of Fishers, please call 317-595-3140 for customer support.

For Commercial Customers: 

  • With the new billing system, we are able to bill properly with a flat-rate per each meter in addition to each meter read/consumption. The flat-rate per meter is: $31/meter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is a Stormwater Utility Bill and why can’t it be billed with Sewer?
    • Stormwater Utility is, basically, for run-off water and it’s building and maintenance of infrastructure. Since there are two Sewer providers in Fishers, we are unable to combine the billing to make it a monthly bill.
  • Why are there so many different utility bills in Fishers?
    • There are many companies/bills, because all are separately owned in Fishers. Water, Sewer, Electric. You have always paid for Stormwater wherever you’ve lived before (if incorporated), the other city many just have owned many utilities and rolled the charges all together.
  • What if I accidentally paid using my old account number?
    • The payment might be rejected, requiring to pay again using your new account number.
    • If the payment gets through our screening process and pays to the wrong account, we’ll work with you to manually transfer your payment to your new account.  
  • What is the remittance address?
    • Fishers Sewer Utility: PO Box 426, Indianapolis IN 46206-0426
    • Fishers Stormwater Utility: PO Box 2365, Indianapolis IN 46206-2365
  • What is the phone number to pay by phone?
    • Sewer: 855.499.0259
    • Stormwater: 855.276.8118
    • $2.70 fee
  • Why is there a fee?
    • This is a third-party company and this is their processing fee.
  • Can I pay by check in-person at the City Services Building at 3 Municipal Drive?
    • Yes, however, since we no longer process these payments onsite, they will be sent to our lockbox. Penalties are based off of when our processing company receives the check, so you may still be charged penalty fees.
  • Why do I have to pay for Sewer when the home is vacant?
    • Sewer is a flat rate bill based on availability not usage.
  • Why won’t we bill tenants?
    • We bill using Hamilton County records and our services are lienable.
  • Why isn’t Stormwater pro-rated?
    • We bill whoever is the deeded owner as the 1st of the year. We only produce 1 bill per year.
  • Why is there a fee to pay through InvoiceCloud?
    • They are a third-party company and $1.95 is their processing fee.
  • What are the rates for sewer and stormwater?
    • Stormwater
      • Unimproved Commercial: $6.66 / qtr
      • Commercial Stormwater: Based on Impervious Area
      • Single-Family Residential: $79.92
      • Condo: $48
      • Unimproved Residential : $26.64
    • Sewer
      • Residential: $31/month
      • Apartments - $23.25 per unit
      • Commercial Sewer: Based on meter read/usage. Minimum of $31 per meter
  • I believe I already paid this bill for this year. Can you help?
    • Please provide us with a copy of the cancelled check front and back to allow us to research. This research can take months, as it’s a deep, long research. We’ll call once research is complete. You won’t obtain any penalty fees during this research period.
  • How long does it take for the County to have me listed as the new deeded owner?
    • It depends on the title company. Some complete paperwork faster than others. Follow up with title company if you’d like an update/timeline.
  • I never received last year’s stormwater bill!
    • Please call 317-595-3140 and we’ll work to confirm your billing address and search your account to see if a comment was entered about a returned bill from the post office.
    • Any returned bills were mailed to the owners listed according to Hamilton County records. An additional reminder would have been sent in late summer to the property owner as well.

Other Helpful Information

  • Commercial Stormwater Billing Timeline: Commercial Stormwater is billed quarterly in the middle of each quarter (February, May, August, November). For 2020, bills will be May, August, November.
  • Tax Withholding: If you receive a letter stating that you have an outstanding utility balance and your taxes have been held in the amount due. Your best bet is to pay the City of Fishers Utility instead of the IRS through this withholding process, as you would have to pay a $20 fee plus a 15% fee to the IRS to have it taken from your taxes. You can pay delinquent accounts by check, cash, credit card. Please be aware of the date listed on the letter, so you don’t double pay by paying the City of Fishers Utility and having it taken from your taxes. You should have 30 days to pay the City of Fishers Utility before it’s taken from your tax refund.

Invoice Cloud Troubleshooting Tips

  • You must enter your account number with no spaces or dashes and needs to enter their name exactly as it appears on the bill (even if it’s misspelled) to work. Then you can call 317-595-3140 to correct any misspellings afterward.
  • There is a Credit Card limit on Invoice Cloud of $125. If you are paying more than this amount, you will have to do multiple transactions and pay a service fee for each transaction. Alternatively, you can enter your checking account bank information to bypass this limit and avoid multiple transactions and service fees.
  • If you’d like to link multiple accounts, please watch the video on InvoiceCloud on how to complete this action. Link:

Stormwater Management & Rain Barrel Program

Rainwater that falls on streets, parking lots, rooftops, and lawns often becomes polluted by automotive fluids, household chemicals, eroded soils, and lawn fertilizers before it enters the city’s storm sewer system through inlets. The Stormwater Management program helps educate the community about stormwater quality, clean up areas around streams and rivers, and to identify sources of pollution.

City Recycling Day

City Recycling Day takes place in the spring and fall, where residents can recycle electronics, household items (such as mowers, treadmills, bikes, grills, batteries, metals, etc.) and household hazardous wastes (such as automotive fluids, acids, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, PCB ballasts).

Paper recycling and off-site confidential document shredding are also available. Please check the complete list of accepted items before you arrive. 

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Stormwater Utility Rate Adjustment


  • The Fishers Town Council voted to establish a Stormwater Utility on November 7, 2007, with Ordinance 110707A.
  • The corresponding utility rate was set at $4.95 per equivalent residential unit (ERU) on December 17, 2007, by Resolution 121707E.
  • Resolutions SW032409 (March 24, 2009) and 030209F (April 20, 2009) were also passed to establish a schedule of rates and user fees for the stormwater utility.

Control Measures

This utility funds the stormwater program, which consists of the following six minimum control measures as required by federal and state guidelines:

  • Public Participation and Involvement
  • Public Education and Outreach
  • Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination
  • Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping
  • Construction Site Runoff Control
  • Post Construction Runoff Control

Program Funding

In addition, the utility provides revenue for storm sewer maintenance, city right-of-way drainage improvements, and stormwater quality projects.

Other Resources