Sewer Utility


The City of Fishers Sanitary Sewer District expanded its district in December 2021 by acquiring HSE Utilities. With this acquisition, Fishers Utilities' boundaries expanded from its original boundaries of the White River,126th Street, I-69, and 96th Street to include everything east to Fishers boundaries. Wastewater from the residential and commercial sewer users in the city’s district is collected and conveyed through approximately 100 miles of mainline sewers and 22 lift stations to the Cheeney Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Public Sewer System

Fishers Department of Public Works is responsible for the maintenance, inspection, and cleaning of the public storm sewer system that has been dedicated to Fishers. This includes most neighborhoods that have been annexed into Fishers, except for some neighborhoods around Geist Reservoir (under the operation and control of the Hamilton County Surveyor’s Office).

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Repairs & Concerns

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