Sunblest Neighborhood

Sunblest 5G

In November 2021 Sunblest residents within 200' of proposed 5G small cell structures were notified via mail of a stakeholder meeting with the City of Fishers and Verizon regarding the placement of 5G small cell structures in Sunblest. Residents had the opportunity during the stakeholder meeting to propose alternative locations for each proposed structure. Below are the staff reports for each section that will be brought forward to the Board of Public Works and Safety on February 24. The Board of Public Works and Safety will ONLY be reviewing officially submitted permits from Verizon. Residents are able to make a public comment about the proposed locations. To do so please click here. 

Sunblest Stakeholder Meeting Staff Reports

Sunblest 5G Map

Sunblest 5G

Sunblest has been divided into five sections for the stakeholder meetings with Verizon. The map above shows the section groupings that correspond with the stakeholder meetings. For a more comprehensive map please view the map of permits.