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Land Use Summary of Proposed Updates as of 4/1/2021

The following is a list of updates and revisions to the Fishers 2040 plan proposed during the 5-year update effort, based on the current draft document.

Major Changes

1. Future Land Use Map updates. The focus of updates to the Land Use chapter involved defining future land use recommendations for the Areas of Future Study (see page 25 for description of these areas). The previously adopted Future Land Use Map did not show recommended land uses within these areas. The proposed citywide future land use map is on page 19. Separate proposed maps of the following areas are available.

2. Priority Future Actions. The following actions for Land Use were identified during the update process as priorities for future implementation.

  • LU-1.3.2. Develop a strategy to align the zoning map with the future land use map.
  • LU-1.1.1. Update the zoning map to create mixed use nodes that align with the future land use map.
  • LU-2.1.7. Identify future redevelopment areas (NEW)
  • LU-3.2.3. Study new land use opportunities along the Nickel Plate Trail (NEW)
  • LU-3.2.4. Study land uses along waterway and other natural resources for environmental protection (NEW)
  • LU-3.4.1. Identify potential changes to land use policies that would improve environmental sustainability and public health. (NEW)

Minor Changes

Page Change Type Description
7 Text update Chapter title changed from “Future Land Use Plan” to simply “Land Use”
8 Photo added 2021 aerial view of Nickel Plate District
9 Text update Key findings and initiatives revised (see red text)
10 Text update - current fact Updated text and chart with current population estimate and 
forecast growth based on previous projection
11 Chart and Map – City Boundaries and Growth Updated annexation history and land area change to include past five years (2005-2020).
12 Text update - reference to UDO Updated references to chapters in the UDO based on that ordinance’s recent update.
13 Map and Table - Existing Land Use Updated the existing land use map and summary table using previous land 
use categories and available data on land use change since 2015. Note that a complete 
“existing land use analysis” was not conducted.
15-17 Text update - actions Action items were revised to indicate status and remove duplicates. 
No new actions have been added to Land Use.
19 Map update – Future Land Use Targeted updates to “Areas of Special Study.” Maps of each area are separately available.
24 Photo change – Regional Mixed Use Replaced photo of Saxony with photo of Fishers District as an example of Regional Mixed Use