Fiber FAQs

Q: I’ve received information from AT&T. What are they doing in my neighborhood?

A: As a broadband connectivity provider, AT&T high-speed fiber and wireless broadband networks connect people and businesses across the U.S. As a registered utility, AT&T has authorized access to install AT&T fiber in select neighborhoods underground within the right-of-way. AT&T has a website dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns residents may have about the construction process. Visit or call (877) 780-5422.

Q: I see construction and utility workers in my yard. Are they allowed to be there?

A: Yes. AT&T has submitted the necessary permits to build out their network. Just like other utility companies, AT&T has the right to access the city’s right of way, which extends across streets from sidewalk to sidewalk, and easement areas, typically located along the street, the sidewalk, the rear lot line, or between two lots. Utility companies use easements to construct and maintain overhead and underground lines. AT&T crews have legal access to these areas to install their fiber cables, in addition to equipment such as boxes buried at ground level, typically placing them in a central location utilized by multiple utility providers. If your easement is within a fenced area of your property, AT&T will need access to this area as well.

Q: What if my lawn, fence, etc. is damaged during construction?

A: AT&T crews will do their best to minimize the impact to property; however, technicians do need to run fiber-optic cables underground in order to extend service to subscribing residents. If there is an issue you can call the AT&T construction helpdesk at 1-877-780-5422.

Q: Can I move the flags in my yard?

A: Please do not remove the flags. AT&T is legally required to have utilities locate their underground transmission line, such as gas, water, and electric lines prior to construction. The flags show where the existing utilities are, helping AT&T crews avoid these areas. Once these colorful flags or temporary landscape-safe spray paint appear in your yard, or along the street, construction should begin within a week. Once construction is complete, the flags will be removed. Weather permitting, AT&T will rake, seed, and straw your lawn in the areas where digging occurred within three days.

Q: Should I notify AT&T if I have a sprinkler system, dog fence, sump pump line or other underground facilities?

A: Yes. You should mark your sprinkler system, dog fence, sump pump line etc. with white flags or landscape-safe spray paint. You can also notify AT&T by calling 1-877-780-5422.

Q: Why is AT&T going through my yard – I don’t subscribe/want the service.

A: AT&T is creating a fiber network throughout the neighborhood, so people who want to sign up for service may do so. As with other utilities, the goal is to make it as widely accessible as possible, although there is no requirement for any home sign up for service. The infrastructure for this service will be placed in your yard in order to provide connectivity to the entire service area.

Q: What’s a utility easement?

A: Utility easements are located on most properties and are designated by city ordinance to be accessible to utilities, such as gas, water, electric, and cable providers.