Fishers 2040 Comp Plan

fishers 2040 framework for our future

Fishers is a growing community, and we anticipate continued growth to a population of nearly 135,000 by 2040. Our goal is to ensure we make decisions today that will lead to smart growth. 

The Fishers 2040 comprehensive plan will lay out a roadmap of how we reach that vision. The plan is structured around a vision that takes a holistic view of the future of Fishers, including topics such as future land use, quality of life, parks and open space, transportation, and housing. By analyzing all aspects of the city government, we can produce a comprehensive, strategic, and sustainable approach to future decision-making that will lead to a higher quality of life for Fishers residents.

In 2021, the City of Fishers Planning department conducted a housing study, led by a resident housing task force. The full report from the study can be found here

Land Use Chapter
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Transportation Chapter Includes 2022 Thoroughfare Plan
Parks Chapter
Implementation Chapter includes 2022 Annual Update
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