Housing & Transportation


Hamilton County Express

Janus Developmental Services, Inc. is proud to operate the public transit system for Hamilton County. The program is an affordable origin to destination service that meets the transportation needs of individuals enrolled in programs and services on site at Janus Developmental Services, Inc. as well as the public


SouthPointe Village

The 62-unit RealAmerica development, set to open in Fall 2021, will feature 13 units designed for individuals with developmental disabilities. RealAmerica has partnered with local nonprofits such as Janus Developmental Services, Opportunities for Positive Growth, Outside the Box, and Insights Consulting to provide on-site services and opportunities for education, employment training, and independent living for residents with disabilities. Learn more.

Sutton Crossing

Located at 131st Street and Cumberland Road, Sutton Crossing features fully accessible sidewalks and green space, as well as privately owned condominiums with zero level entry. Interior accessibility features vary by home. Learn more.

Lifelong Housing

Using Universal Design principles, a home can be built or updated to support changing needs and lifestyle at any age. This brochure lists optional Universal Design features potentially available for new or existing homes which are encouraged by the Fishers Planning & Zoning Department.