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Property owners directly adjacent to the Nickel Plate Trail (NPT), where your property is directly connected to Trail right of way, will have the support and collaboration from the City of Fishers to ensure concerns and questions are addressed throughout the process of developing the Nickel Plate Trail. 

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NPT Adjacent Resident Screening & Privacy Grant Program
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In 2017, the City of Fishers stood with the Mayor of Noblesville and Hamilton County Commissioners to announce a new vision for the Nickel Plate Railroad corridor to convert the underutilized track to trail. Since the announcement, the City of Indianapolis has also joined the collaborative effort.  In the summer of 2017, the owners of the Nickel Plate Railroad, who include Fishers, Noblesville and Hamilton County, filed an application to the federal government to allow what is known as rail-banking.  Rail-banking allows owners of vacant railroads the ability to utilize the railroad right-of-way for trail purposes. On December 21, 2018, the Federal Surface Transportation Board granted the owners final rail-banking and trail sponsorship authority.

In anticipation of the rail-banking approval, last year the City of Fishers formed a master planning committee for the Nickel Plate Trail (NPT). Through its community engagement and outreach, the City received over 1,500 individual ideas from residents about what they would like to see on the trail. The Committee worked with more than 200 HSE Schools students on classroom projects and held dozens of meetings, including with adjacent neighborhoods like yours.


NPT Grand Opening

You're invited!

Join the City of Fishers and Fishers Parks as we celebrate the grand opening of the Nickel Plate Trail, presented by First Internet Bank, on Saturday May 14!

May 2022

We are already halfway through the year, and what an exciting year it has been and will continue to be in the City of Fishers! With summer on the way we are looking forward to longer days, warmer weather, and a lot of fun things to do outdoors around the community.  We hope that the Nickel Plate Trail will become one of your favorite ways to get out into the community to explore, exercise, and enjoy convenient access to some of your favorite local businesses. With the downtown portion now open, the trail is the perfect way to get to some of our favorite summer events, including the Fishers Farmers Market, summer concerts at the AMP, and Spark!Fishers. You can find the full list of summer happenings on 

A few updates since last month’s letter:

Downtown Opening

Construction is wrapping up this week and the final touches are being installed to finish up this staple of the trail. We are excited to see you all at the Nickel Plate Trail Grand Opening event this Saturday, May 14 along the Nickel Plate Trail. The Nickel Plate Trail Grand Opening, presented by First Internet Bank, will host a free, family-friendly event from 12 to 4pm and a free, adult-oriented evening celebration from 7pm to 10pm. The public will be able to walk along the trail and enjoy live music, food trucks, public arts, and more! Registration is still open for the Nickel Plate Trail 1-Miler this weekend. Be one of the first to run/walk through the Nickel Plate Trail tunnel and kick off our grand opening festivities!  The course is an out-and-back, and participants will be released in waves to start at the intersection of North Street and the Nickel Plate Trail. All participants will receive a commemorative pint glass. To register for the race or for more grand opening event details, please visit  For a sneak peek of the tunnel, you may visit

Steward Program

While the Department of Public Works will continue to track and monitor any maintenance needs along the trail regularly, the City of Fishers is excited to formally announce the implementation of the Nickel Plate Trail Stewards program. The NPT Stewards program is a partnership between the City, area residents, and or businesses to give them the opportunity to assist in the caring for and maintaining of the Nickel Plate Trail in an effort to ensure its quality of life, protect and preserve its condition, and beautify features along the trail. Each Steward will be responsible for “adopting” one of eight sections of the trail to perform monthly quality checks and cleanups and report back any trail concerns. If you or someone you know is interested in more information on becoming a steward, please visit or reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator, Amy Crell, at  When you see the trail steward out cleaning up the trail, be sure to say hello!

Future of the Trail

The City of Fishers is excited to announce the awarding of $4.5 million dollars, by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources via the Next Level Trails Grant, to the City for the construction of the remaining 1.3 miles of the Nickel Plate Trail.  The funding will be used to pave the trail sections from 96th to 106th Street, construct a pedestrian bridge at 96th Street, and complete trail connectivity along 106th Street between Hague Road and existing NPT trail pathways. Construction is anticipated to begin in 2023 and updates will be provided as more information becomes available. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us at If you would prefer to receive updates by email, please visit and complete the email submission form.  

NPT Neighbors Resources

NPT Adjacent Resident Screening & Privacy Grant Program

For those who live in a single-family home on property directly adjacent to the trail (i.e. your property line touches the trail right of way), the City is offering a grant program that may go toward installing screening, privacy, or buffering through landscaping or fencing on the resident’s private property, up to $2,000 per private property. 

We have created an easy-to-use application that combines both the screening grant and trail connection application into one to save you time. The new application combines both programs and can be found here.

The City has created an exhibit outlining property lines, drainage easements, and possible planning level screening and landscaping improvement locations to prevent water flow and storm sewer maintenance access from being blocked. Final permitted screening and landscape locations will be determined through the permit process after an on-site review. View the exhibit.

How to Apply:

Determine what type of improvements you would like (fencing, landscaping, other) and where.  

Fishers will reimburse up to $2,000 per property to go towards installing screening, privacy, or buffering improvements. Our staff can help walk you through what options would be possible for your property’s unique characteristics. We recognize there may be drainage easements or other utilities in rear yards that you have questions about. Our Public Works Department will review any improvements within a drainage easement for concerns related to drainage flow and storm sewer protection and maintenance access.

Submit online application here. 
apply Opens in new window

Once the application has been received, staff will review and present the improvements to the Board of Public Works for approval. Applicants are notified of approval via e-mail.

Install improvements. 

Applicants have twelve (12) months to install improvements. Applicants are responsible for project completion and full payment prior to submitting receipts for reimbursement.

Submit proof of project completion and receive reimbursement.

Fishers will mail a check of the awarded amount to the property owner upon proof of completion of the project.

Please contact Megan Schaefer, Assistant Director of Planning & Zoning, by email or at 317-588-1431 with any questions.

Connecting to the NPT

The City has coordinated with Duke Energy, which has an easement over the trail area, to develop a permitting process that allows adjacent properties to connect directly to the trail. The trail connection application is now open to properties along the paved portions of the trail from 106th Street to 146th Street. For properties adjacent to unpaved portions of the trail, a trail connection will be available once paving occurs. HOA-owned properties should work directly with Duke Energy on a trail connection.

Trail connections are $200 and include a crushed stone trail or stairs from the property line to the trail, a drainage culvert (if needed), and complimentary labor from the Fishers Department of Public Works. Trail connections are not guaranteed and are subject to an onsite review to ensure they can be done safely and sustainably. Residents are not permitted to establish their own trail connections outside of this permitting process.

The trail connection application has been combined with the screening grant application to save you time. You can apply for both programs here.

apply Opens in new window

Lighting, Hours, and Public Safety on the NPT

Fishers Police Department has been a stakeholder and member of the master planning committee for the NPT from day one. The downtown portion of the NPT from South Street to Lantern Road (near the Library) will be open later, longer and have more lighting to create a destination experience. Outside of the downtown area, the trail will have similar hours as all Fishers Parks that are open from dawn to dusk.  

View the Draft Master Plan for Fishers NPT

The result of the committee’s eight months of work is a draft master plan that imagines a destination trail for experiences with art, nature, education, technology, and downtown vibrancy. The draft master plan, known as Fishers Nickel Plate Trail 2040, was presented to City Council on Monday, February 18. While the trail may be constructed in Fishers in the next few years, this master plan is a long-range vision for how amenities could develop along the trail over time. 

The NPT is a connector of people, as well as a connection to our heritage. Together, we have an opportunity to honor our history while embracing our future and create a trail system that promotes wellness, discovery, and community all year long.

For further questions, please contact the City of Fishers by email. Our staff stands ready to continue to meet with you throughout this project and to answer questions you may have.