Current Orders & Recommendations


2/5/21 Public Health Order 10

See the full public health order.

1/8/21 Public Health Order 9

Public Health Order #9 sunsets Public Health Order #8 and continues Order #6 issued on November 13. The order is in effect until 11:59 p.m. on February 8, 2021. This includes guidance for:

  • Extracurricular and sports activities
    • Attendance limited to participants, support personnel, and parents/guardians/siblings
  • Social gatherings
    • Indoor social gatherings limited to 10 or fewer
    • Outdoor social gatherings limited to 25 or fewer
    • Events strictly limited to 25 or fewer
  • Restaurants
    • Masks must be worn except when eating or drinking
    • Party sizes must be less than 8 people
    • Table service required
    • No bar top seating
    • No more than two persons may wait in the lobby
  • Face coverings

Public Health Order #9


12/22 Public Health Order 8

Public Health Order #8 orders all restaurants, bars, taverns, nightclubs, retail food establishments, and other establishments providing in-person food and/or drink service to be closed to indoor dining and drink service and cleared of customers between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 5:00 a.m.  During these times, carry-out dining is permissible. The Order will go into effect December 25 at 10 p.m. and will remain in effect until January 8, 2021. 

Public Health Order #8

12/9 Public Health Order 7 (Extension)

An extension of the original public health order issued on November 13.
Public Health Order #7

12/4 Public Health Alert

In response to the ongoing COVID-19 surge, the Fishers Health Department issued a public health alert to advise residents on their actions toward the virus.

Public Health Alert

11/13 Public Health Order 6

The Fishers Health Department’s Board of Health met on Friday, November 13 to approve a final determination for the Community Risk Rating recommendation revisions and updated Public Health Orders.

As a result of the Board’s action, the following Public Health Order will go into effect Wednesday, November 18.

Extracurricular and Sporting Activities: indoor K-12 extracurricular and co-curricular activities, including IHSAA sport events

  • Groups/Teams must submit a COVID-19 mitigation plan to FHD for approval. Submit a plan for approval.
  • Follow Governor’s Order, in Red category, with attendance limited to parents, support staff, and players/participants only

Social Gatherings: a social gathering is an event, assembly, or convening that brings together multiple people, individually or from separate households, in a single location, whether held indoors or outdoors, in a private residence, commercial venue, or other public place, at the same time and in a coordinated fashion where a significant purpose is to interact with others – such as a wedding reception, funeral visitation, family reunion, party, barbeque, picnic, or club meeting

  • Limited to 10 people max inside and 25 people max outside.

Special Events: an assembly or convening of multiple individuals from separate households in a single space, indoors, or outdoors, at the same time but where the main purpose is not necessarily for individuals to interact with other outside of one’s household but to engage in or attend a business/commercial function, single event, or events of limited duration – such as conference, conventions, sport or racing competitions, extracurricular school events, concerts, shows, fairs, festivals, carnivals, parades, graduation ceremonies, community holiday celebrations, fundraisers, or other entertainment events. 

  • Must have approval for events more than 25 people. Submit a plan for approval.


  • Masks shall be worn at all times while indoors except when eating or drinking.
  • All patrons or group parties must be at least six (6) feet away from people at other tables.  Party size must be limited to eight (8) people or fewer at each table. Table service is required for indoor dining or drink service.
  • No bar-top seating is permitted. Tables within a bar area may be open for table service. Customers must remain seated and congregation is not permitted.
  • No more than two (2) persons may wait in the lobby for a table unless social distancing can be accommodated.
  • All self-service beverage or food stations offering food items not prepackaged shall be closed.


  • Must follow State Order to post signs telling visitors to wear masks

Additionally, the Fishers Health Department signed an extension to the Fishers mask mandate for 30 days.

The Public Health Order will sunset on December 10.