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CRR Scale 7.20.21COVID-19 Community Risk

Level 1 (Green): Low

CRR 7.20.21COVID-19 Community Risk

Level 1 (Green): Low

Find more recommendations and learn more about the Community Risk Rating Scale, and see previous weeks' Community Risk Breakdowns

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Data Dashboards

We are currently experiencing technical issues with the responsive data dashboard. Below are screenshots of the current dashboards. Larger images are available by right-clicking and either opening each image in a new browser or saving the image locally. Dashboards will be updated every Tuesday.

Vaccine Dashboard

VAX DASH Front 7.23.21

Vaccine Demographics


Fishers Community-wide COVID-19 Dashboard

CWCOVID19 7.20.21

Fishers Health Dept. Testing Site Dashboard

FTS 7.20.21