Fishers Race Initiative

In September 2020, Mayor Fadness unveiled a call to action for FIshers residents to begin a series of efforts to dismantle racism in our community. As its first priority, the City of Fishers has committed to sponsoring 500 residents to undergo Interrupting Racism Now training by the end of 2020. 

Interrupting Racism Now

Interrupting Racism Now is a one- or two-day training session by Soul Focused Group, a national equity firm, that addresses the realities of systemic racism in America, both historical and present-day. 

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Berwick Mahdi DavenportDustin Washington
Berwick Mahdi Davenport, AKA “M” is a social justice, anti-racist facilitator with more than thirty years of experience. Mahdi is a pioneer in the field of Life Coaching. He is a coach who coaches the coaches, facilitating and mentoring thousands of leaders from all over the globe.

M is the prodigy behind the Ego Reduction Formula, which makes possible the integration of social & political consciousness with spiritual consciousness. M is a celebrated author and loving father of three very beautiful daughters.

Dustin Washington is a Senior Consultant of The Soul Focused Group. Dustin has 25 years of experience and wisdom working as an Anti-Racist Educator and Organizer. Dustin grounds his work through the integration of social justice consciousness with spiritual consciousness. He knows that through the reduction of our Ego and the full embrace of our Beautiful thinking mind, we can solve every problem our world is facing. He is a martial artist, writer, poet, and basketball coach. Dustin is the incredibly proud and loving father of Calin, Dominick and Elijah.


A message from Mahdi Davenport on what to expect from Interrupting Racism Now training: 

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