Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works staff currently consists of 95 full time and 35 part-time employees; this includes professional, technical, and support positions. It is the department’s duty to serve the citizens of Fishers and ensure a high quality of work. 

Street Maintenance
Park Maintenance
Snow and Ice Control
Wastewater Utility
Stormwater Utility
Hometown Help for Heroes
Fishers Connect
Drive Fishers

The Department of Public Works is responsible for the following:

  • Facility Maintenance: Responsible for the maintenance of over 42 building structures, including City Hall, City Services Building, Police Station, Fire Stations, Parks Buildings, Public Works Facilities, Health Department, and other City owned facility assets.  
  • Parks Maintenance: We maintain over 600 acres of parks grounds, 700 acres of Hamilton Southeastern School grounds, 125+ athletic fields, and over 150 miles of multi-use trails.  
  • Inventory Control: We have a 25,000 square foot warehouse to manage purchasing and inventory of materials and supplies for the City of Fishers.
  • Street Maintenance: Responsible for over 1700 lane miles of roads, including related irrigation, traffic signs, banners, lane marking, and right of way maintenance.
  • Water Quality:
    • Stormwater Group – Is responsible for stormwater and floodplain management in the city.  This includes site inspections, plan reviews, street sweeping, and the maintenance of storm sewer pipes and storm drains.
    • Wastewater Group – The wastewater treatment facility treats up to 10 million gallons of water per day.  The wastewater conveyance system includes the maintenance of miles of sewer pipe, many lift stations, and is a 24/7/365 operation.  
  • Snow and Ice Control: The Department of Public Works is responsible for snow and ice control in the City of Fishers.
  • Special Events: Setup, cleanup, and involvement of all community events, such as, concerts, 5K runs and festivals.

Our Mission 

We will support and serve our city, maintain our facilities, parks, and streets, provide premium water quality services, and support our employees to achieve the highest standards while working safely. 

Our Vision

Maintaining quality of life in Fishers

Our Values

These core values help us accomplish our mission.

Integrity Safety
Reliability Communication
Dependability Dedication
Professionalism Innovation
Accountability Customer Service
Respect Teamwork
Environmental Stewardships