High Threat Response Program


The High Threat Response Program (HTRP) is a unique partnership between the Fishers Police and Fire/Emergency Services Departments to develop, design, and deliver unified public safety response models to high threat incidents. 

An agreement between the Fishers Police Department and the Fishers Fire Department formalized a working group to develop progressive response models which ensure the protection of our citizens and the safety of our children as we continue to achieve the highest standards of public safety.

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The mission of the HTRP is to organize, develop, and deliver a unified public safety response model to high threat incidents. The response model includes the components to plan, prepare, execute and assess the actions necessary to mitigate dynamic and emerging threats to public safety. Members of the team cross-train so they can address these issues on a local, regional, and national level, and train other communities to respond. They continue to break new ground and continuously improve responses and training. 

Incidents that fall within the scope of the HTRP include but are not limited to active shooter/active assailant, fire as a weapon, use of explosives, attacks on first responders, diversionary attacks, or a combination of any of these.

Community Resources

bleed safe community initiative
traumatic injury training resources
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Request a Community Stakeholder Presentation

Are you interested in a 90 minute presentation from public safety personnel to discuss best practices regarding active assailant and hostile type events? Topics will include preparing before an incident occurs, integrating your response with public safety agencies, and preparing for traumatic injuries. Request a presentation with this form.

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Download the Active Violence Response Poster

Download a printable version of the Active Violence Response poster with best practices to help you survive an event. 


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