Special Event Approval

While it is strongly encouraged that social gatherings be cancelled or postponed, a special event or social gathering may have more than 50 attendees only when a safety plan has been submitted to the Fishers Health Department and the plan must have been approved before proceeding. 

It is recommended that the overall size of a social gathering or event be limited in overall attendance (attendees, staff, and others). The owner or host of a gathering or event, regardless of size, is required to ensure attendees and staff adhere to social distancing requirements and wear face coverings and must ensure increased sanitation measures are implemented at the site where the gathering or event occurs. 

A social gathering is defined as an event, assembly, or convening (outside a single household or living unit or religious service), that brings together multiple people, individually or from separate households, in a single space, indoors or outdoors, at the same time and in a coordinated fashion where a significant purpose is to interact with others.

A special event is an assembly of multiple people from separate households in a single space outdoors at the same time but where the main purpose is not necessarily for individuals to interact with others outside of one's household but to attend a single event or events of limited duration - such as weekly summer concerts or movies in the park, fairs, festivals, carnivals, parades, graduation ceremonies, community holiday celebrations, conventions, fundraisers, sport or racing competitions, shows or other entertainment events.

**For extracurricular and sporting activities (indoor K-12 extracurricular and co-curricular activities, including IHSAA sport events), groups/teams must submit an Extracurricular Event plan for approval.

Effective March 8, special and seasonal events planned for over 50 attendees should follow:

When: After Marc 8, 2021, plans must be submitted at least 10 days in advance.

Action: Event planners must submit a COVID-19 event action plan to the local health department, Fishers Health Department for all events planned within Fishers City Limits. The Event Action Plan must be a written plan outlining the steps to be taken to mitigate against COVID-19. Each plan must address the following issues

a) Capacity Limits - outlining what steps have been taken and will be taken to ensure the overall capacity does not exceed allowable limits set out in Stage 5 and how social distancing will be achieved;

b) Guest Information - identifying the appropriate information to be provided to guests to stay home if sick or part of a vulnerable population, engage in social distancing, increase handwashing, etc.;

c) Staff & Volunteer Screening - identifying measures to be taken to appropriately screen staff and volunteers for COVID-19 symptoms;

d) Social Distancing Measures - identifying measures to be employed to ensure attendees engage in social distancing such as the use of multiple entrances, designated seating, one-way flow of attendees, ground markings, etc

e) Increased Sanitation - outlining steps to be taken to ensure the event space is appropriately cleaned and sanitized, that high touch areas have increased cleaning, and that additional handwashing or hand sanitizing is available;

f) Face Coverings - identifying if face coverings are recommended or required; and

g) Compliance - identifying the number of event staff or volunteers who will be available and sufficient to monitor and ensure compliance with the approved plan and other Executive Order directives.

To process special event plans for events over 25 people, please complete this application.

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