Traffic FAQ's

What does a flashing yellow turn arrow mean?

A yellow flashing arrow means that you may proceed with the turn only after you have yielded the right of way to pedestrians and oncoming traffic. If you are facing a steady yellow light or arrow, your right of way is ending. Find info here regarding flashing yellow arrow traffic signals.

How do I request a Traffic Study?

Please make this request through Fishers Connect.

There was previously a turn arrow at the stoplight of 126th and Allisonville Road. Why was this removed?

Engineering analysis on this intersection and the various traffic volumes of the different movements for this intersection redesign showed that southbound left turn movement traffic volume did not warrant a protected left turn arrow at this time. The intersection was designed and constructed to include two southbound through lanes of traffic as well as dedicated southbound left turn lanes. This will allow the installation/implementation of a protected left turn arrow in the future if one is warranted at very minimal cost.

How do I request a sign be installed or removed in my neighborhood?

Please make this request through Fishers Connect.

How do I report a malfunctioning traffic signal?

If the signals below, please contact the Hamilton County Highway Department at 317-773-7770. 

  • Any on Olio Road 
  • Any on 146th Street
  • Eller Rd and 116th Street
  • 106th Street and Mollenkopf Road

If the signal is on I-69, contact INDOT at 317-462-7751. This includes bridges that cross I-69, as well. All other signals can be reported to the City of Fishers can be made through Fishers Connect.

Does the City fix damaged or broken signs?

Street signs inside of neighborhoods that are mounted to decorative posts are the responsibility of the neighborhood or the HOA to replace. All other signs that are damaged or broken can be reported through Fishers Connect.