Mosquito & Rodent Control

The Fishers Health Department services all residents and businesses within Fishers city limits. Vector control (mosquito and rodent) will be managed by the Health Department.

Mosquito Control

Please be aware that nuisance biting activity occurs from April to November especially after rain after events and warm weather. Mosquitos are native to Indiana climate and you must take self-protection measures when outside.

Here are certain criteria that are required to spray to make the process more effective: 

  • Spraying can only be done beginning at dusk - when adult mosquitoes come out
  • Wind speeds cannot be more than 7 miles per hour to allow for proper drift
  • Temps must remain between 75 and 80 degrees after dusk
  • Only public areas may be sprayed
  • We cannot spray along creeks and streams
  • We cannot spray when it is raining or there is a threat of rain within 4 hours

We hope to set a realistic expectation regarding what vector control and spraying for mosquitoes will and will not do.  First and foremost we do not spray to eradicate mosquitoes; we spray to reduce the possibility of contact with mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus.  West Nile will become a more prevalent issue in the dry hot season in mid to late summer.  Spraying will only kill adult mosquitoes that are out and come in contact with the fog being sprayed.  It does not impact larvae.  The most impactful prevention is to eliminate as much as possible the breeding sites which exist on residential properties.

Rodent Control

The Fishers Health Department’s goal is to control rodent-borne diseases by baiting and therefore eliminating/controlling the rodent population in the City of Fishers  Health Department officials answering complaints will first conduct an inspection for feral rodents and then if needed place bait in accordance with the results of that inspection. 

Education information concerning rodent prevention will be provided to individuals and groups upon request. 

File a Complaint

Residents and businesses can submit a complaint to the Fishers Health Department.

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