Fishers Health Department launched free COVID-19 testing for all Fishers residents effective April 30. For more information and to schedule your testing appointment, visit

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In order to truly understand COVID-19’s effect on our community, a municipal-level awareness of positive cases is required, as well as a commensurate response by the City government to conduct contact tracing to inform and educate the community. 

The Fishers Health Department is charged with implementing the COVID-19 community testing proposed as part of the Fishers Recovery Plan.

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A message from Chief Medical Director, Dr. Indy Lane regarding antibody/antigen testing: 

The Fishers Health Department currently does not administer antibody tests for COVID-19 virus (SARS-COV-2), also known as serological tests. These tests detect antibodies to the COVID-19 virus in an individual’s blood. Antibody testing cannot be used to diagnose or rule out a COVID-19 infection. A positive COVID-19 antibody test means there are antibodies to COVID-19 in an individual’s blood and indicates exposure to the virus even in asymptomatic people. Currently, we are uncertain if a positive antibody test provides protection against COVID-19 or prevents reinfection. At this time, the value of antibody testing is limited and we do not fully understand how the tests can be used to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections. Everyone, regardless of their antibody status, should follow the recommended CDC guidelines such as covering the nose and mouth with a mask when in public or around symptomatic people, social distancing, and frequent handwashing to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus in our communities.

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Fishers Recovery Plan

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Fishers Chief Ed Gebhart, Fishers Police Dept.
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The City of Fishers’ goal is to manage precautions and encourage the community to take personal responsibility and reduce the impact to populations who are at a higher risk of developing serious COVID-19 illness. The CDC has identified older populations are at a higher risk of developing serious COVID-19 illness.

The City’s number one priority is the continued transparency and safety of our residents and our employees. Find out how the community can prevent the spread of COVID-19 through the Mayor’s Community Action Plan for COVID-19.

The City of Fishers has compiled a list of frequently asked questions for residents, businesses, and stakeholders.


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Our community needs your help! Find out how you can help through volunteer opportunities, donation, and nonprofit needs in Fishers.

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COVID-19 Hotline

Call 317-595-3211 if you have questions or need assistance. Open daily, 24 hours a day. Beginning June 1, hotline hours will be Monday - Friday from 8:30 a..m. to 7 p.m.


  • Call your physician’s office before you visit their office or emergency room
  • Virtual screenings: IU Health Virtual Visit App
  • Follow steps to help prevent the disease from spreading