Q: Where can I place a fence on my property?

A: Fences are allowed to be installed along the property line(s), however, if the   fence is encroaching into an easement it will need to be approved by those who have a stake in the easement. Contact information for the applicable utility companies can be found here.

There shall be no trees or shrubs planted, nor any structures or fences erected, in any drainage easement, unless otherwise accepted by the Director of Public Works by a Drainage Easement Permit.

Fences may be subject to other restrictions (height, materials, etc.). In addition to your neighborhood’s HOA approval, please contact the Planning & Zoning Department at 317-595-3155 for further information. 

Protect unintentional damage to buried utilities by calling 811 Call Before You Dig!

Q: Our neighborhood is thinking of upgrading our street lights. What are the City regulations concerning neighborhood street light replacement?

A: All lighting fixtures and poles within a single development shall be consistent in style, color, size, height, and design and shall be compatible with the architecture character of the development. Service connections for all freestanding lighting fixtures must be installed underground.  Please work with the public utility responsible for providing electrical service on the replacement of street lights owned and maintained by the HOA.

Q: Who are the utility providers in my neighborhood?

A: Check your utility bill to determine your provider or contact the utility suppliers to determine service area boundaries. Contact information for the applicable utility companies can be found here.

Q: Who is responsible for trash removal in my neighborhood?

A: Trash collection is handled by private contractor's in Fishers and is not in the tax base. Residents can compare prices for the companies permitted to pick up in Fishers.

  • Waste Management: 1-866-797-9018
  • Republic: 317-823-6881
  • Ray's Trash: 1-800-531-6752
  • Best Way of Indiana: 317-484-3365 (Commercial Only)

Q: Where can I recycle?

A: The following recycling resources are available for residents:

Technology Recyclers: 800-237-3887

Hamilton County Household Hazardous Waste Center: 317-776-4005 which is available to residents during the week and on Saturdays according to the County website schedule found here.

The City of Fishers also hosts free bi-annual City Recycling Days in the spring and fall at Billericay Park, where residents can recycle electronics, metal and electronic household items (such as mowers, treadmills, bikes, grills, batteries, metals, etc.) and household hazardous wastes (such as automotive fluids, acids, paints, fertilizers, pesticides, PCB ballasts). Paper recycling and off-site confidential document shredding are also available. See the complete list of accepted items here.  The City does NOT accept mattresses, wood, furniture, plastic, or other miscellaneous household items.

Fishers Christmas Tree Recycling program runs dawn to dusk through February 1st.

Q: When will the streets in my neighborhood be snow plowed?

A: Fishers DPW prioritizes main corridors, schools, and then neighborhoods throughout the community. Additional information about plowing can be found on the Snow Removal Policy.

You may request snow removal for a certain municipal street or report a street maintenance concern through Report It! For questions, contact the Public Works Department at 317-595-3160.

Q: Are short term rentals (Air Bnb, etc.) permitted in Fishers? 

A: Indiana State Law provides that a short-term rental of an owner’s primary residence is a permitted residential use under any applicable ordinance and may not be disallowed. You may report other violations such as noise, parking, etc. through Report It!

Q: Where can I place garage sale signs?

A: A standard 2 ft. x 3 ft. yard sign is permitted to be placed on private property as long as property owner consent is obtained. Yard signs within the City’s right-of-way is not permitted. If you have a question on whether a certain area is private property or City right-of-way, please contact the Planning & Zoning Department at 317-595-3155.

Q: How do I organize a Neighborhood Watch Program?

A: Please contact the Fishers Police Department if you are interested in organizing a Neighborhood Watch Program. The Fishers Police Department will schedule a meeting and provide support to implement the program. Find more info on the Crime Watch Program.

Q: Do I need to notify the City of a neighborhood party or special event? 

A: No notification or permit is required, as long as the event does not interfere with traffic patterns and does not have a temporary structure larger than 10' by 10'. Please contact the Planning & Zoning Department at 317-595-3155 with any questions.

Q: Does the City provide any assistance for neighborhood improvement projects? 

A: Yes, the City currently offers three (3) matching grant programs to assist with neighborhood improvement projects. You can read about each of the grant programs here.

Q: What can I do about drainage issues on private property?

A: The City performs general drainage inspections of private properties to assist residents with troubleshooting of private drainage issues. Fishers will not take responsibility for or complete maintenance of private drainage improvements of backyard swales, private drain tiles, sump pump related issues, etc., but will provide an educated assessment of an issue after inspection if requested.  However, the City does have a Drainage and Water Quality Matching Grant reimbursement program available to help pay for the costs of improving private drainage issues.   Click here to read more about the grant.  If a drainage-related issue is the result of a public storm sewer being broken or clogged, Fishers will clean or repair the storm sewer to resolve the issue. Please contact the Public Works Department at 317-595-3160 with questions.

Q: Are there any resources available for neighborhood pond maintenance?

A: Yes, the Drainage and Water Quality Matching Grant can be used for some aspects of neighborhood pond maintenance.  The maintenance types that would qualify for the grant are as follows:

  • Pond Dredging
  • Pond Bank Erosion
  • Aeration Installations
  • Shoreline or pond bank Native Plant Installations

Click here for a link to the Drainage and Water Quality Matching Grant.

Note:  The City will not pay for lining the shoreline with rip rap.