Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant

Applications for the City of Fishers 2024 Neighborhood Vibrancy Grant Program are now open to provide funding for creative and innovative neighborhood projects. Homeowners’ associations or neighborhood groups can submit applications at Applications are accepted on a rolling basis with funds distributed quarterly. Deadlines to apply for the 2024 grant are January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31.

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For more information click the document below:

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Check our the Neigborhood Grant Dashboard for previous submitted projects and grant winners.

Fishers Arts and Culture Commission Grant

The Fishers Arts & Culture Commission desires to invest in artists, art organizations, and cultural events that foster a city where arts and culture activities are a vital component of community life. Fishers is a community where arts and culture are valued, promoted for their economic benefit, and are an integral facet in our vibrant community while encouraging lifelong learning. The Commission is the nexus of local government and Fishers’ residents which seeks to unite public and private partnerships. The result is fostering a thriving arts scene that continues to help build Fishers as a smart, vibrant, and entrepreneurial city. Apply here.


For more information click the document below:

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Fishers Arts & Culture Business Matching Grant. Click here to learn more and apply.

Fishers Arts & Culture Business Matching Grant

The Fishers Arts & Culture Commission Business Matching Grant is targeted at businesses and organizations that wish to partner with the Commission for the installation of public art on their property. The City of Fishers will provide Request for Qualifications facilitation on behalf of the Commission. Matching Funds can be requested up to $25,000 and must be at least 50% of the total project cost. The Commission will review all applications submitted. 

Targeted areas for investment include along the Nickel Plate Trail, I-69 and State Road 37 Corridors, Nickel Plate District, Allisonville Road and the Allisonville commercial area, 96th Street, 116th Street, 126th Street, Lantern Road, USA Parkway, Crosspoint Blvd, 126th Street, Olio Road and areas surrounding both Fishers and Hamilton Southeastern High Schools. Applications will be accepted and reviewed bi-monthly throughout 2023 during the Commission’s regularly scheduled meetings.

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Rain garden

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Fishers is committed to promoting water quality and adequate drainage to enhance the quality of life in the community. Since most drainage-related improvements fall to the individual property owners to address, the Department of Public Works and the Stormwater Utility has implemented a Stormwater Grant to assist.

Fishers accepts applications for its Stormwater Grant, which awards funds to neighborhoods, non-profits, and homeowners within city limits as an incentive to improve local water quality and/or drainage function (see the application and the pictures and descriptions to the right for more program details and project type examples).

Applicants are eligible for up to a 50% match from the City of Fishers subject to the application review and available funding. Applications are accepted year round.  Applicants are required to obtain three (3) contractor quotes for the proposed project at the time of application.  Once approved, the project must be completed and a fully paid receipt showing a zero balance uploaded to the application prior to reimbursement processing.  Join our over 190 applicants since 2018 for your success story today!! 

Contractor Resources:

Drainage and Sump Pump Contractor List

Rain Garden and Native Plant Contractor List

Rain Gardens

rain garden 2

Pond Native Plant Buffers

Pond 022

Erosion Control

pond erosion blanket

Stream Bank Stabilization

Stream bank stabilizations

Stream Restorations

light branch 2

Pond Dredging/Muck Management


Aeration System Installs

Aeration System Installs

Home Elevating in Floodplains

floodplain elevating

Flood Vent Installs

flood vent 3

Yard and Swale Grading

yard grading

Sump Pump Re-routing

sump pump

Drain Tile Installs

Drain Tile

Downspout Redirection


Dry Wells

dry well

Storm Sewer Taps

storm sewer tap 3