General Project Questions

What is the timeline for this project? 

Utility and infrastructure improvements will begin spring 2019 with construction beginning late summer 2019. The project is scheduled for completion by fall 2021.

When was Nickel Plate District master plan created? 

The Nickel Plate District master plan was created in 2014 by a coalition of residents and City of Fishers staff.

How will construction impact 116th Street?

The City and Browning anticipates little to no impact to 116th Street during construction. Limited, partial lane closures may occur from time to time but will be conducted during low-usage times.

There’s already a lot of traffic on 116th Street, won’t this compound the problem?

The City of Fishers has planned infrastructure improvements around the development that will redirect traffic away from 116th Street.

How will art be incorporated into the project? 

Opportunities for art placement will be considered throughout the design phase for the project.

How will this affect taxes?

This project will be funded through Tax-Increment Financing, which allows the City of Fishers to leverage future, increased tax revenues based on the positive growth from the development.  

North Side

What will happen to the businesses whose buildings will be preserved (such as the buildings that house current tenants like Roman and Leo, Fishers Barber Shop, the former Vardagen and Sure Shot Coffee store, State Farm Insurance, and the Nickel Plate Bar and Grill). 

The existing tenants of the buildings can continue operations through construction, can pause operations, or relocate to other spaces in downtown Fishers, the choice is up to each individual tenant. Timelines and details for each individual tenant should be directed to those businesses.

Where exactly will the Pocket Park relocate to? What will happen to that artwork?

A community plaza area will be incorporated into the development, where similar amenities located at the existing Pocket Park will be incorporated. Artwork currently located at the Pocket Park will be preserved and relocated to the community plaza.

What type of retail will be in the ground floor space? A variety of retail users are being considered and could include traditional retail and restaurants. Interested tenants may contact Jamie Browning.When will the apartments begin leasing to residents? 

CRG Residential will begin leasing Spring/Summer 2021?

Nickel Plate Trail  

How will the development impact the proposed Nickel Plate Trail? 

Like other stakeholders along the proposed Nickel Plate Trail, this development will be invited to be part of trail master planning process currently underway. Every effort will be made by Browning to incorporate the 116th Street development into the trail experience.

How will the construction of these new developments affect the construction of a tunnel under 116th Street for the proposed Nickel Plate Trail? 

Every effort will be made to ensure construction timelines are coordinated to minimize lane restrictions and traffic pattern changes. The design and construction of the tunnel will be managed separately from Browning’s development.

South Side

Who will operate the hotel? 

Browning is working with potential owner-operators partners for the hotel, yet to be confirmed.

Why does Fishers need another hotel? 

A high-end hotel in the heart of Fishers’ downtown with close proximity to businesses and cultural destinations is a segment of the hospitality industry that is not currently represented in the market.

What will happen to First Internet Bank’s existing building? 

First Internet Bank will remain in their current building until late 2021.