Traffic Fines Schedule

Mandatory Appearances

  • Driving While Suspended
  • Operating without Proof of Financial Liability
  • Speeding 16+ over posted limit; neighborhoods under 71.19
  • Speeding 26+ mph over posted limit all other violations
  • Driver under 18 years of age (must appear with parent or guardian) exception; drivers under 18 who are charged with seat belt and license plate violations do not need to appear
  • School Bus Stop Arm Violations
  • Speeding in Work Zone While Workers are Present
  • Learner's Permit Violations

Schedule of Fines & Costs 

If Paid On or Before First Court Date

Disregarding Automatic Signal$104.50$139.50$244.00
Disregarding Traffic Control Devices$104.50$139.50$244.00
Disregarding Stop Sign$104.50$139.50$244.00
Speeding Violations

1-15 mph over posted limit$44.50$139.50$184.00
16-25 mph over posted limit$64.50$139.50$204.00
School Zone, 1-15 over posted limit$54.50$139.50$194.00
School Zone, 16-25 over posted Limit$74.50$139.50$214.00
Speeding Neighborhood 1-15 over posted limit

After Failure to Appear in Court

Disregarding Automatic Signal$154.50$139.50$294.00
Disregarding Traffic Control Device$154.50$139.50$294.00
Disregarding Stop Sign$154.50$139.50$294.00
Speeding Violations

1-15 mph over posted limit$94.50$139.50$234.00
16-25 mph over posted limit$114.50$139.50$254.00
School Zone, 1-15 over posted limit$104.50$139.50$244.00
School Zone, 16-25 over posted Limit$124.50$139.50$264.00
Speeding Neighborhood 1-15 over posted limit

Schedule of Fines & Costs for Violations of State Statute

Speeding Violations

1-15 mph over posted limit$24.50$139.50$164.00
16-25 mph over posted limit$34.50$139.50$174.00
26+ over posted limitMust appear--
School Zone Violations$54.50$139.50$194.00
Other Violations

Equipment Violations$25.00$139.00$164.00
Seat Belt Violation$25.00
Expired Plates*$25.00
$139.00 $164.00
Expired Drivers License*$25.00
Child Restraint Violation$25.00
Illegal Handicapped Parking$100.00None$100.00
All Other State Infractions Where Appearance is Not Mandatory

*For Expired Registration and Expired Driver’s license violations, if the defendant shows proof of issuance of a valid registration or valid license, the Clerk may assess and accept Court costs of $139.00. No fine is assessed.